Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dad's Review - Sembrandt SB500 Soundbar

I bought a portable wired Nude Speaker a couple of years back in Dubai Duty Free. In SM malls, I found this speaker priced at around 1,200 pesos.

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It is a tiny wired speaker ideal for laptop, phones and tablet. I have no qualms regarding this speaker and I am still using it when I travel abroad.

However, what if I tell you that by adding 1,700 pesos you'll have a 32 inch soundbar with Bluetooth connection and a remote control as well. The sound quality is fairly acceptable considering its price. It has an option also to connect using a standard mini-stereo jack.

The bass is good enough for a small room while the treble is clear especially when you connect this soundbar to your TV or use it as speaker for any video source.

The physical design is surprisingly modern, a sleek black finish is a perfect pair for any flat screens. In addition, the unit comes with a pair of wall bracket thus you can easily mount it either on top or at the bottom of your TV.

I tested it by playing music downloaded from Spotify; it was great for a late night sound tripping inside our room minus the hassle of connecting wires while enjoying the comfort of controlling its function remotely. Just to add, it has 3 preset equalizer setting flat, music and movie. For its price of 2,900 pesos, Sembrandt SB500 Soundbar is indeed bang for the buck.

The unit comes with a 3 month warranty and 3 day unit replacement period. I bought this from Kimstore through Technopop, Ortigas Center. Technopop has several units on hand hence the wife and I didn't bother to wait for meet-up time anymore; we tested and paid the unit then left the place. I noticed that Technopop has demo unit installed so you can actually ask for a test before buying it, don't ask for a meet-up though if you plan to purchase it this way.

Update: Sept 25

Perfect in our kids' condo unit

I am now back in Africa for my job; my kids hijacked my Sembrandt and brought it to their condo unit. The wife told me that the bass improved after it was put inside the wall-mounted TV rack.

The main drawback, according to my kids, is the short and inflexible power cable. Nevertheless, it was able to transform the tinny sound of their 24 inch Qube HDTV - wait for a Dad's Review about this super cheap but durable HDTV - into a home theater like sound.

Might as well buy another unit when I go for vacation next month if it is still available.

Update 12 October

I have noticed that this post have been read more than 700 hundreds times. I am afraid by the time I return back to Philippines next month for my vacation this unit won't be available anymore. Hence, I asked my son today to purchase another unit at Technopop Vito Cruz. I can't wait to enjoy my late night sound tripping.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post but merely an actual experience of a Dad.