Thursday, September 29, 2016

Diecast Corner - Refreshed Toyota 86

This is my first post regarding my new hobby which is collecting diecast toy cars.

My interest on diecast toy car was triggered when I saw the Lamborghini "Touch" diecast set from Petron while gassing up many moons back. From there, I started collecting Petron's earlier Porsche set by buying it from the net and recent car show at World Trade Center. In addition, I recently bought a set of Ferrari released by Shell from another toy collector. Aside from these, I am building up my Hotwheels collection as well.

Anyway, one of my latest hauls is the newly released "refreshed" Toyota 86 from Tomica. Usually, when a global model, new and facelifted, has been released by a car manufacturer to the market it would take some time for diecast maker to produce its scaled unit for obvious reason.

However, for the refreshed Toyota 86 which was released in Japan last month, Tomica, for the first time, has also released at the same time the 1/60 scaled model worldwide.

When I learned about this new collectible Toyota 86 from my favorite car magazine, TopGear Philippines, I asked my wife to search for its diecast replica, orange color, from Toys 'R' Us in Trinoma since I am here in Africa for my job. With the help of my youngest kid they found the said toy car. The love of my life bought the white color too. I am really lucky to have this wonderful lady as my wife, lol.

Read TopGear: You can now park the refreshed Toyota 86 on your desk

Using his photography skills, my youngest kid did some fantastic shots of my refreshed Toyota 86.

As you'll notice, the refreshed Toyota 86 sports a more aggressive front fascia compared to its predecessor. The shark fin antenna commensurate its aerodynamic design.

I would definitely spend some time with this toy car upon returning home for my vacation.

To view my collection may check my IG account: welson _ pinoydiecast


  1. great pix. i remember when a made in japan matchbox was only P5.00 and maggie noddles promo of puting a tiny car in their packs. i had them all the green passat, orange merc, green jag and other cars in the line up. the orange merc was my fave. sadly, they did not survive and i have long been looking for them. they were works of art. i dont remember who made them. i still collect a few, just like you a dad sometimes has no budget for this things. but my 4 year old daughter sometimes ransacking my collection opening up some old die cast. she still wants the johnny lightning 49 mercury, the 1/64 supernatural impala by greelight is a great addition to my collection.

    1. Yesterday, the wife and I visited a vintage shop in Quezon City. Guess what, I found several Johnny Lightning diecasts. Classic and released in 1999. I got a couple of them.