Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dad's Review - Qube's 24 inch HD TV

Our first 21 inch Samsung flat screen, costs me an arm and leg many years back. I even bought it from Abu Dhabi since it was too expensive to buy it in the Philippines at that time. Okay, it was more than a decade when I bought it.

Nowadays, you can buy the same size of flat screen at less than half of its old price.

A few months ago, our first flat screen bogged down. Eventually it reached its life span, if I may say so. Actually, it was my in-laws who were using the said TV. As a good son-in-law I need to replace it ASAP so they could watch their favorite daily noon time show.

While searching for a replacement unit, I noticed on my FB timeline a super cheap HD TV from Qube.

Fortunately, there is a Qube branch in SM North EDSA. Long story short, we bought a 24 inch flat screen for 5,990 pesos. Surprisingly, for its dirt cheap price, the demo digital movie was crystal clear. More so, Qube offers one year warranty for its TV line-up and seven day unit replacement period with free delivery within Metro Manila. Quite amazing isn't it? Don't ask about the sound quality though; its produces tinny sound compared with more expensive brand. I won't go into technical specs anymore since the flat screen is connected to a digital TV Plus. Meaning, any HD TV will have clear video when watching news and daily TV shows broadcast in digital format. The unit has standard inputs such as USB and HDMI aside from free wall bracket.

Why am I doing this review after buying that flat screen six months ago? Because I wasn't expecting it to last this long. But it did and my in-laws were happy for their new TV.

And because of that, I bought last month another unit for my kids' condo; I threw my bigger and more expensive but defective TCL TV to the bin. Understandably, my music lovers cum Spotify addict kids were not happy with the sound. In Tagalog, the audio was "tunog lata" according to them and I agree. My youngest techie kid ended up hijacking my new soundbar and connected it to their TV. Now, the flock is happy with a cheap but good quality flat screen.

Qube HD TV with Sembrandt soundbar

If you plan to purchase a Qube's flat screen then I advise you to focus on the sound quality during testing since its video will be definitely clear since the sales staff would play digital demo movie.

Obviously, gone are the days of expensive flat screens. Of course, latest models still command premium price.


  1. hhmmm, I'm curious, I'm looking for a new led tv din kasi for my soon to be in-laws since their tv got busted last month. I'm thinking about getting them Hisense naman kasi.

  2. thanks for this review, i'm also looking for tv for my in laws :) i bump into this brand and finally i found a review about it, that's helpful for my decision.

    1. It seems this brand is good for the in-laws only, lol. No worries since until now I haven't encountered any problem with my 2 Qube flat screen.