Thursday, August 25, 2011

Singapore - Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (other floors) - Chinatown

This is the last part of my blog regarding Singapore's Chinatown Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

To refresh, this temple has several floors.

The lifts or the staircase is located at the far right end of the main entrance. Don't hesitate, anybody in proper dress code can enter that area.

I advise you to refer first to the daily activities posted at the entrance so as to to know whether you can proceed to the other floors. Be mindful again of the do's and dont's while inside the temple.

THE SECOND FLOOR - The Aranya Gallery, Library and Gift shop. On this floor, you will be amazed by the rich history of this temple. Its design and replica. You can also buy souvenirs, gifts and books from here.

The hallway outside


Some shots inside

Some souvenir items. Note the price.

THE THIRD FLOOR - The Nagapuspa Buddhist Culture Museum. It has a very impressive collection of Buddhist artifacts from other parts of the world.

Be aware of this

The hallway outside


Some shots inside

When I was young, I remember we had a replica of this artifact in our old house in Tondo.

A thousand-armed and thousand-eyed Avalokitesvara.

THE FOURTH FLOOR - This is where the sacred Buddha tooth relic chamber is located. Inside the chamber is the Buddha tooth relic stupa. The canopy and tiles inside this chamber are made of gold. Devotees prostrate themselves inside the room to venerate the sacred Buddha tooth.

Sorry guys, photography is not allowed on this floor.

THE ROOF TOP - You will find here 4 small (corner) pagodas housing the four Buddhas of the cardinal points and at the center of this floor is the ten thousand Budhhas pagoda housing the large Vairocana Buddha Prayer Wheel.

The four Buddhas of cardinal points located at the corners of this floor.

Thousands of miniature Buddha along the walls in between these four corner pagodas

These walls are composed of 12,000 small Buddhas

At the center of this area is a pagoda housing another 10,000 Buddha and the prayer wheel. This Pagoda is surrounded by colorful orchids plants.

The 10,000 Buddhas inside this pagoda

The prayer wheel

Anybody can rotate this prayer wheel by walking around it while dragging the wooden support attached to it, like what this wandering guy is doing.

There is metal bracket attached on top of this wheel and once you rotate this prayer wheel that metal will push another metal rod/plunger which will hit the bell on top. I don't know whether this bell is for counting or not.

I strongly recommend that you pay a visit to this temple whenever you are within Chinatown vicinity but be observant and read the signs posted at the entrance. You will find friendly staff in all those floors.

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