Friday, August 26, 2011

Malaysia - roaming around KL

I stayed in KL for 4 days including bus travel to and fro Johor Bahru. Hopping from KLCC (Petronas) to Batu Caves and other scenic spots in KL.

I started roaming around KL from the Heritage Hotel (KL) Station, coming from Batu caves station. I was told that this hotel was now closed hence the place was a bit gloomy and creepy. Anyway, upon alighting on this station, I immediately noticed that the place could easily fit in any British era movie due to its Moorish architecture. I was not mistaken because this train station was one of the remaining colonial buildings in KL and had been a part of "The Police Story" movie of Jacky Chan, if I remember it correctly.

In front of this Hotel/KL railway station is another colonial building now occupied by KTM.

From here, you can walk to the National Mosque of Malaysia. Ask for direction, otherwise you might get lost. Tourists are allowed in some areas inside. Merdeka Square is also walking distance.

Beside this Mosque is the Islamic Arts Museum.


If you have sturdy legs, you can also pay a visit to Bird Park. Trust me when I say sturdy legs.

Road to Bird Park.

The KL Bird Park, it has the largest walk-in aviary in the world.

From the bird park, I haggled with teksi drivers; they were asking 30 RM for a trip to Merdeka square. I hired one colorum teksi for 12 RM. If you are traveling within KL area, it is normal to pay Teksi from 10 to 15 RM.


Below is the Abdul Samad Building, the most beautiful building at Merdeka Square. This colonial building also reflects Moorish design which shows the rich cultural history of Malaysia. Again, some of the climax of Jacky Chan's "The Police Story" were shot around this building.

It has a clock-tower dubbed as "Big Ben".

Highest flag pole in Malaysia (and in the world?), 100 meters high and located in front of this building. By the way, they do national celebrations on this square.

Selangor Club

Another colonial building at Merdeka square.

At the back of this square is Masjid Jamek (Mosque) located at the intersection of two rivers. Note the clear water flowing along these two rivers. This is where the first settlers of Kuala Lumpur established their shacks.

Two blocks away is Central Market, my favorite place to explore.

Kasturi Walk

Inside Central market.

Bought some souvenir items from this stall.

Nice looking kabayans on their honeymoon. Hi, kabayan! hehehe...

And the famous Beryls chocolate of Malaysia. I won't forget the lady manning this chocolate stall. She speaks Tagalog well but never been in Philippines. She was born in Malaysia from Filipino parents, according to her.

I bought these assorted Beryl's chocolate. 19 RM per bottle. My local colleagues love this chocolate so much thus I have to purchase at least 5 bottles when I go back to Malaysia on my next vacation.

It is time to go back to my hotel to take some rest; tomorrow I will be at the KLCC Skybridge and travel back to Johor Bahru by bus on the afternoon. Caught a bus going to Chow Kit area.

Saw this good-looking couple again on the same bus. Stalkers? No...hehehe..

Some interesting shots in KL

A typical street in Kuala Lumpur. It seems you are in Manila.

Their LRT looks similar with our own. Even the ticketing system is the same.

I stayed for few nights at Ra Balouch at Jalan Ipoh, beside 7 eleven. I have arrived at KL without any hotel reservation. I walked around and compared prices. I got this for 60 RM per night. Can accommodate 2 persons with attached bathroom. In Singapore, 60 RM is good for Hostel bed only with at least 12 beds inside the room.

Can you beat this? Both a/c and fan were working fine.

It was a very tiring but fulfilling day in Kuala Lumpur.

The following day, after visiting the skybridge, at around 3pm I started my trip back to Johor Bahru. From my hotel, I walked up to PWTC LRT station and traveled to Bandar Tasik Selatan station (TBS).

Bandar Tasik Selatan Bus/Train Terminal

Starting March 2011 bus coming from Johor Bahru or south of KL will stop and commence from this modern bus/train terminal. From here you can go to the KL city center by Teksi or train.

This is one of the several bus stations and LRT terminal in KL but comparable to a small modern airport. You can buy your tickets at numerous ticket counters.


While on my way to Johor Bahru, I saw this interesting building along the hi-way. It took less time going back to JB due to less stop-over.

While roaming around Kuala Lumpur, there were times I felt I was in Manila. Though not physically similar, KL has its own charm that seems familiar.

I am planning to go back to KL on my way to Bangkok on my next vacation, hopefully on October.

After seeing this post, wife and youngest want to accompany me on my next KL trip.



  1. Nice Shots...Awesome!

  2. Just wanted to ask where Ra Balouch at Jalan Ipoh's exact location. Thanks!

  3. Well, Jalan Ipoh is quite long but as I remember it correctly, it is near the MRT (PWTC)line and beside 7 eleven. So once you see the MRT line crossing Jalan Ipoh walk towards the direction of Petronas tower.