Saturday, August 27, 2011

Singapore - Bugis

Before arriving in Singapore, I have searched the net and forums regarding places where I could buy cheap souvenir items.

Aside from Chinatown, I have encountered Bugis many times as highly recommended place to buy souvenir items such as t-shirts, key-chains, bags to name a few.

Few days after arriving in Singapore, I went to Bugis. Easiest way was by MRT; alight at Bugis station. However, by chance I chose the junction exit and was surprised to see an upscale mall.

Even high-class hotel.

And fountain at the middle.

I realized that this was Bugis Junction Mall and not the Bugis Street where you can find cheap souvenir items.

After further "exploration", I found the famous Bugis Street. It was beside Bugis Junction mall.



Inside Bugis Street.

Money Changer

Like Chinatown, there is also food street inside Bugis.


I love their drink station, 1 S$ each cup.

The famous Little Red Dot Hostel beside Bugis Street.

Your visit to Singapore won't be complete without buying souvenirs or visiting this place. You will find many items here that you won't see at Chinatown or any other place in Singapore. And cheaper.

Lastly, inside Bugis Street, you will be surprised to find that there is 2nd and 3rd level. You can explore these areas as well.

01 January 2012

On my recent Christmas vacation, I returned back to Singapore before I flew back to my work place. I stayed for 6 nights at Tree in Lodge hostel at Bugis area.

I paid a visit to Bugis junction and Bugis street.

Day shot

Night Shots

Out of curiosity, I have found a great place to dine at Bugis. It was at the back side going to waterloo street.

Albert Center offers cheap and numerous food selections. You can have a decent and tasty meal from 3 to 5 S$. Due to small area, during peak hours, you may join the other diners on table with vacant chair.


Bugis is indeed an interesting place to visit when in Singapore. You can enjoy the two faces of Singapore's shopping and food experience. Try fine-dining and street food, or shop at branded store or buy 3 t-shirts for 10 S$. You be the judge.

Revised: 27 January 2012


  1. Oh god, I miss that 1SGD drink store. Just be careful with the drink that you choose cause you may end up disappointed. We always eat there at Albert center (huge hawker centre, a lot of food choices)

  2. Yes, it's a lot cheaper to eat at Albert center. Not to mention the experience. I miss the 1S$ drink too.

  3. Bugis street is the famous place to buy souvenirs