Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Malaysia - Batu Caves

Imagine strolling inside 400 million years old caves.

I felt a very peculiar feeling when I entered Batu Caves. Perhaps because that was the first time I have entered a cave in my whole life thus the feeling was unforgettable.

Although Batu caves is only 13 km away from the KL city center, going to that place is confusing.

Since my hotel was located near PWTC LRT station, I went to Titiwangsa, the next LRT station and searched for KL Rapid bus no 06. People showed the road where I could wait for bus 06. To my surprise, the road was near to my hotel. It was my lucky day. I spend money, effort and time going back to the road where my hotel was a block away. I waited for bus 06. The bus arrived and upon embarking I asked the driver to drop me at Batu caves. He told me to get off and cross the road and wait bus 06 from that side; he just came from Batu caves.

Unlike in Singapore where bus destinations and timings are posted on each bus station, in Kuala Lumpur you won't see the same thing.

I crossed the road and boarded bus 06. I paid 2 RM. Don't worry where to alight because you will see Batu caves even before the bus approaches it. The bus will stop at an intersection near Batu caves.

This is the main entrance of Batu caves. There is no entrance fee. Some touts might ask money for donation or maintenance. Just ignore them.

main entrance

At the base of Batu caves you will find Hindu deity Lord Murugan. The gold painted statue at my back is 42.7 meter high, the tallest statue of Lord Murugan in the world.

It is now time to conquer the 272 steps going to the main cave.

I took a shot directly beneath it to show its sheer size.

As I climb towards the main cave, I noticed several monkeys along the concrete stairs. Words of caution; don't approach these monkeys if you are carrying some drinks or foods. There is a chance you will end up paying for their lunch, lol.

       I wonder how much is the talent fee of this model.

unfortunately, the dark cave was closed during that time

Few more steps..

spectacular city view from the main cave
Inside the cave

main temple of Lord Murugan

Cave opening on top of this temple

one of the souvenir shops inside the cave

There are several Hindu shrines inside the main caves. Most of them are barricaded while I saw one temple with Hindu holy men inside.

Likewise, you'll find also several souvenir shops inside the cave. Moreover, some lighting were provided to improve the visibility inside.

It is now time to go down

After a tiring climb and descend from Batu caves, I recharged myself by drinking fresh coconut juice worth 3 RM at of the shops.

On my way to the new Batu caves Train station, at the farthest or leftmost part of the area where the Ramayana cave is located, I saw the 15 meter tall statue of Hanuman, a dedicated monkey devotee.

Hanuman from outside Batu Caves compound
Hanuman from inside Batu Caves LRT station 

I would like to add that there is a new LRT/Train station near Batu caves, around 200 meters away from the entrance.

I saw the updated LRT/Train map posted inside the Batu caves LRT/Train station. You will notice that they added several stations from the Sentul station up to Batu caves. There is Gombak LRT station few kilometers away as well but you need to take bus or teksi in going to Batu caves.

KL city has three LRT lines operated by RapidKL, KL Monorail and KTM Komuter. Train to KLIA is a separate line. For more details regarding KL LRT lines and other modes of transportation see: http://wikitravel.org/en/Kuala_Lumpur

To locate Batu caves LRT/Train station, upon leaving the main entrance, just turn right and continue walking until you reach the street corner. You will find the LRT/Train station near that corner. Actually, I was looking for Gombak LRT station but the garlands vendors told me that there was a new LRT station nearby. Don't be afraid to ask those garland vendors outside Batu caves. In contrary, don't even try to initiate communication with the Teksi drivers in queue outside the caves area for they normally inflate their price they don't use their meter.

Thus, if you are near to any LRT/Train station, it will be pretty convenient for you to go to Batu caves now.

My experience in Batu caves was unforgettable not only because that was the first time for me to enter a cave but I was able also to witness the devotion of some Hindus to their faith. Imagine climbing 272 concrete stairs barefoot; some of them were even carrying vessels on top of their head while others were carrying their sick relatives.

09 OCTOBER 2011

My wife and youngest kid visited me in KL during my vacation away from home. I brought them to Batu Caves. I want to add some details regarding this post.

Our hotel was located within KL Sentral vicinity and the easiest way to go to Batu Caves from KL Sentral was by KTM LRT. It costs 1 RM per person, one-way.

Batu Caves is the last station for KTM Komuter P Klang/Batu Caves line. The station is just a stone-throw away from Batu Caves' side entrance where the statue of Hanuman is located. Though waiting time for the train was around 20 minutes (basing on our last trip to BC), it was worth waiting. You might spend more time if you go by bus or taxi due to traffic.

Going back to KL Sentral from this station will cost you 2 RM per person. I don't know why they charge you double.



  1. Hi! You might be referring to the ktm komuter train and not the LRT. The nearest LRT station to Batu caves is the Putra Gombak station of the kelana jaya line which is a taxi / bus ride away.

  2. technically, it is not the LRT...
    it is the KTM Komuter....
    (Batu Caves - Port Klang route)

    LRT is different from KTM Komuter

  3. yes I agree that Gombak is the nearest LRT station..but referring to the route I posted above..as long as you are near to any LRT station, you can go to Batu caves through their links.

    To simplify everything, I refer to LRT/KTM as one because new comers in KL normally doesn't know what is the difference between KTM and LRT, not to mention the monorail. To add, I have emphasized the frequency of the train arrival/departure. As you will notice on my post also, for new guys, they will find it confusing to travel by bus in KL and if they are budget traveler like me, I would think twice before I flag down any Taxi at KL.

    Finally, from that Batu caves station, it was a breeze to go to Heritage Hotel Station and from there walked to National Mosque, Islamic Museum, Bird Park, etc..