Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Malaysia - Petronas Towers

To begin with, Petronas Towers is more commonly known as KLCC. We learned this from the Teksi (Taxi) driver. If I tell him Petronas Towers, he will ask some questions because Petronas is a big company in Malaysia and it has several properties in Kuala Lumpur while if I tell him KLCC then it is clear for him.

Upon arriving at Kuala Lumpur, at around 6 pm, after check-in, I trekked down immediately to Petronas Towers. It seems very near from my place, Jalan Ipoh, because I could see it from there. However, it took me around 2 hours of continuous walking before I reach the place.

Along the way, I took some shots, it looked awesome at night due to the effect of lighting.

There are numerous water fountains at the front facade of the towers.

Night view at the front.

The front facade of Suria (KLCC) Mall during night.

It was around 8 pm so I decided to go inside the Mall. Some KLCC shots inside.

This one looks familiar. You can find Isetan also along Orchard Road in Singapore.

I returned to KLCC after 2 days to visit the Skybridge which is located at 41st floor. I arrived at around 7:15 am and found a long queue of people waiting for the Skybridge ticket counter to open. It opens at 8:30 am. You will find the ticket counter at the Concourse (basement level); you can access this from the ground floors of both towers.

While on queue, security staff will give number coupon to each group or individual so that less people will be on queue. 1 coupon holder can buy maximum of 5 tickets. If you are in a group, you can leave someone from your group while the rest can grab a snack/breakfast in nearby food shop

This was the message on LCD TV when I was near at the ticket counter.

I paid 10 RM at around 10:00 am and got a 1:00 pm viewing time. So you can imagine how many people were in queue even before the ticket counter open. Thus, if you plan to visit Skybridge during morning, send somebody from your group to queue as early as 6 am. You can even pay some Teksi driver 15 RM to queue for you. And most important, Skybridge is close during Monday. I don't have any idea why it is close at this particular day.

Having 3 hours of spare time, I went to back side of Petronas Towers for more shots. The view at the back side was better than the front side.There was a mini-park and man-made lagoon.


Daytime shots at the front.

1:00 pm...They will allow you inside the waiting lounge while showing a video about the history of the Towers. A colored tag will be provided to identify your group. My group belongs to yellow color. The next group that will ascend sky bridge will have a different color. You need to deposit your luggage; a claim tag will be given in return.

One more floor. Skybridge is 41st floor. This is a very fast elevator. If I remember it correctly, this elevator travels 1 floor per second. Anyhow, your ears will notice some compression/de-compression while it moves upward/downward


Front view of the towers from Skybridge.

Back view from Skybridge.

Skybridge support.

I advise you to visit Skybridge and return back at night to appreciate the view. Night view is awesome.

I find it easy to go to KLCC by Teksi. Normally, within Kuala Lumpur city to KLCC, Teksi will use the meter and it is cheap whereas coming from KLCC, the Teksi waiting in line will try to ask up to more than 3 times the normal meter fare so it is better not to take those Teksi. Cross the road and flag down any Teksi coming from that side.

Be aware also of some areas inside KLCC where photography is not allowed. Always read the sign.



  1. basically you can take photos anywhere in KLCC...
    the only part that you are not allowed to take photos are of the Suria KLCC mall area (excluding the mezzanine and level 1 area)

  2. Yes, I agree with you, I have read that sign/post also. So for other readers be aware. Being lenient might cause us some problems.