Sunday, August 21, 2011

Singapore - Jurong Bird Park

It was a lazy Sunday yesterday so I decided to visit Singapore's Jurong Bird Park. I searched the net on how to go to Jurong Bird Park by MRT while charging my cam battery.

Soon thereafter, I was at Boon Lay MRT station. I proceeded to the Bus Interchange and looked for bus no 194 or 251 station. I found bus 194 queue near to MRT station exit.

bus 194 for JBP
here comes the bus

Upon reaching Jurong BP bus station, the driver will shout bbheerrdd phharrkk!!! He needs to shout because from the bus station, Jurong Bird Park sign is not visible so the passengers would not alight unless he informs them that they are already at JBP. Initially, you would see the Bird Park Drive street sign but after reaching the street corner you'd see the huge Jurong Bird Park sign.

Flowery and colorful entrance

ticket price at the entrance

I paid 18 S$ and received my ticket and complimentary park map. I decided not to take the Panorail. The whole area is smaller than the Singapore zoo and you won't have a chance to take good shots of the birds while inside the Panorail. It took me less than 4 hours to explore the whole park. However, if you like to see the panoramic view of the park then you have to pay 5 S$ for Panorail ride. You can walk later inside the park to enjoy the birds and shows.

After the entrance, you would be greeted by the Penguins

Many colorful birds would welcome you as well. You can have your pictures taken by their readily available staff. Of course, you need to pay before you can claim your souvenir shots. They even discourage private photoshoot but they can't do anything against my 300 mm zoom lens, LOL.

This is my favorite area inside the park

Inside the lory loft, you can interact with small but colorful birds by feeding them. I let other people do the honor of feeding the birds while I take shots.

Some celebrities! LOL. You know I am kidding. Some "kabayans."

I pissed this small bird by tricking it. I gestured as if I am going to feed it.

It was curious at first

After it noticed that I was tricking him

He jumped on me and tried to pluck my cap many times

Other shots inside the Lory

A weird looking bird inside the Lory

Even inside the Lory, plastic waste is collected

Immediately after entering the bird park, take note of the show timings.

The singing bird. I won't tell you what song it is singing.

Some daredevil acts

For nocturnal birds such as owl

You can have buffet lunch with parrots for 19 S$. I mean, the parrot will entertain you while you are having lunch.

Other interesting shots inside the park

Street sign inside the park

The souvenir shop

Safety precautions inside the park

It was a great experience seeing those beautiful, lovely and amazing birds, to say least. It is now time to go back to my hostel.

You need to return back to the same bus station where you alighted earlier then cross the street and walk under the Jurong Hills flyover until you reach the bus station on the other side; wait for bus 251. It would bring you back to Boon Lay MRT station. Be patient though since it took around 20 minutes before the bus arrive.

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