Friday, August 19, 2011

Singapore - Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (First/Ground floor) - Chinatown

While wandering around Chinatown, few days upon arrival in Singapore, I came across a Buddhist Temple. Took some shots and even brought my family there when they visited me here in Singapore.

All our shots were taken at the backside of the Buddhist Temple. I thought it was the main entrance. I was wrong and you will know later.

I returned one time to this temple and told myself, I won't lose anything if I try to enter the said temple or even have a glimpse of its interior for I know all Buddhist Temple has very fascinating and artistic (holy) Buddhist statues and artifacts. I know this because my Chinese grandpa was a Buddhist.

To my surprise, the Temple is actually open for tourists from 7 am to 7 pm.

They are posting the daily activities at the front and back entrances of the Temple. Read the precautions before you enter the Temple. I learned it the hard way, somebody tap my head when I entered the Temple because I was wearing a bull cap. I removed quickly my cap and apologized. For those wearing revealing clothes such as backless, shorts, etc. you need to wear a sarong provided at the main entrance to cover yourself and return it back before you leave the temple.

Further, there are places where photography is not allowed. Be aware of the signs posted in some areas. Remember this is Singapore, they won't tolerate rude and undisciplined behavior.

And this is the front of the Temple, facing South Bridge Road, a stone throw away from Maxwell Food Center.

You will notice one part of the temple main entrance was covered by plastic, it was raining during that time and they need to cover the food offering. It was my lucky day, I believe it was the beginning of the Hungry Ghosts Month hence there were food offerings around the temple.

You will find the name of the sponsors on the countless lanterns hanging around the temple.

Main entrance

The Temple has two towers with individual solemn statue. 
The Drum tower

And the Bell tower.

Back entrance.

Back entrance first altar (?)

Walls along the main altar

The walls are dotted of mini or small Buddha.

And the main altar where Buddhist offer prayers and ask for guidance.

Some interesting shots at the ground floor.

Saw some Buddhist Monks. I think they are not from here because they are taking shots also of the place.

You will notice on top a guy wearing long sleeve and with radio, I believe they are there to assist the tourists. I asked him how to go to other floors and he showed me the lift. This guy is also checking whether you are wearing the correct dress code when you enter the temple.

If you want to offer gold coins to Buddha, it will cost you 10 S$ for 4 gold coins.

And if you find it difficult to climb stairs then you may use one of these but you need to coordinate first with the front office.

If you are veggie lover, you may dine at B1. There is a vegetarian restaurant at basement 1. It is open from 9 am to 30 pm.

Due to numerous pictures I have taken inside the Temple, I have decided to make this post in two parts. Wait for the second and last part which is about the other floors of the Temple.

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