Friday, August 19, 2011

Singapore - Mustafa Center (open for 24 hrs)

I've been hearing this 24 hours open Mall even before I step on Singapore. This is the first time I heard a 24 hours open mall.

Unknowingly, my hostel, Tresor Tavern is located just 2 blocks away. To reach Mustafa, go to Farrer Park MRT station and exit at Kitchener or exit "H;" forgive me for I always use MRT as my primary mode of transportation here in Singapore. It is cheap, safe and fast. Besides, Farrer station is the nearest LRT station to Mustafa Center.

Walk towards back side of City Square Mall along Kitchener road. Upon reaching the traffic light (intersection) you will see immediately Mustafa money changer at the right. Mustafa Center is at the back of this money changer. Further, at the intersection, you will see Tai Hoe Hotel at one corner and City Square residences on the other corner. Once you see these landmarks you are at the correct intersection.

Actually, Mustafa Center is consists of two buildings joined by a 2nd level bridge and by basement.

Top shot is the back of the 2 buildings while shots below are the front

In case, you went directly towards Serangoon Street  instead of Kitchener Street then just locate Serangoon Plaza, Mustafa center is at the back. Coming from Little India vicinity, just follow the flow of traffic along Seranggon road until you reach Serangoon Plaza. 

If you're carrying a big bag, plastic bag or anything that can be opened easily, the baggage guy will ask you to leave your bag or he'd close your bag securely using plastic cable tie.

The same when you purchase any item inside, the cashier will immediately secure the plastic bag with a cable tie.

You don't have to worry about the cable tie because you can always ask the guy at the baggage counter, outside the entrance, to cut the cable tie once you leave Mustafa Center. He has a big scissor ready for this purpose.

I purchased several items from this Mall and I noticed that there is always GST indicated on the receipt. There is a counter where you can process the documents needed for GST refund at the airport.

I bought a Nokia X6 for my son here few weeks back. It costs 12K+ pesos at SM North (Philippines) for 8GB while it costs an equivalent of 10,600 pesos for 16 GB here at Mustafa Center. Yes the price here is cheaper compared with other Malls in Singapore and even and in the Philippines but the thing is, they don't give warranty. They will test the unit in front of you. I asked the sales guy why there was no warranty. They replied that their units were directly imported from Europe so this was the reason I didn't see any GST refund on the receipt. I checked the unit and box, both were having the same IMEI and the manual was in Russian (?) I bought the unit. It is working fine until now.

In case you want to have some snacks or coffee, you can come here for a quick bite. Tables and chairs surround Mustafa Cafe. I tried their chicken Nasi Lemak.

Several Indian restaurants and shops in front of Mustafa Center.

There are numerous models of toy chopper in their toy section. My colleague bought one.

They have an entire floor as gold shop in one of the two buildings and the latest price of gold per gram is posted. Be aware though that they will add some percentage for the workmanship.

Grocery items, clothing apparels, electronics items, shoes, toys and so on and so forth are located on the second floor. Hence, I found it peculiar that their grocery items are located above the ground floor. In Philippines, normally, you would find grocery items at the ground floor. To add, you won't find small bottle of shampoo; they all come in family size/large bottle.

Unlike other electronic shops in other malls such as Sim Lim and Lucky Plaza, at Mustafa Center what you see is what you get. Haggling is not allowed here. The price is indicated on the item. That is better because if you are not familiar in Singapore chances are you'd get duped by those clever sales guys at Sim Lim and Lucky Plaza and will end up paying higher. Try to search the web and you would know what I am saying.

You can find money changer at the corner of Mustafa Center, near Serangoon Plaza area. The rate is competitive.

I have noticed one sign/post inside. It goes like this "If you are caught shop-lifting, congratulations, you have won a free ride inside police car." Hmmm... now I know why they are using cable tie..

09 January 2012

During my last vacation I was not able to pass-by Kuala Lumpur. From Hong Kong, I flew back directly to Singapore. Having done this, I was a bit uneasy for I promised my Yemeni staff that I would bring Beryl's chocolates from Malaysia. I searched Mustafa Center and I was fortunate to find assorted Beryl's chocolates jars. I bought 5 jars. It costs around 25 RM (10 S$) each whereas in Central Market, Kuala Lumpur, I can buy each jar for 19 RM only.


  1. Bought a lot of chocolates here before we headed back to Phils. It's cheaper and there are a lot of items to choose from.

  2. I totally agree. Lots of cheap electronics items as well.

  3. mustafa center, belanja 24 jam nonstop
    info menarik nih thanks