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Singapore - Maxwell Food Center

Many times I have encountered this name. It has been mentioned many times in Pinoy Exchange Singapore Thread and according to forumers it is located at Chinatown. I was surprised because I have been to Chinatown countless of times and I have never seen this place. Searched the net for the actual location of this place and realized it was just a stone throw away from my favorite Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

Anyway, for the new guys in town, just locate the Chinatown in MRT maps. Exit to Pagoda Street.

The other end of Pagoda Street is connected to South Bridge Road. Even the other Chinatown streets such as Smith, Sago, Temple, where the night market and food street are located, are connected to South Bridge Road so no worry at all.

Turn right when you reach South Bridge Road, coming from Chinatown MRT station. Continue walking until you reach the corner of South Bridge Road and Maxwell Road. You will see Maxwell Food Center at the corner.

I scanned most of the Hawkers and decided to try their Bee Hon from this Hawker.

Ordered Set B

For the price of 2.50 S$ excluding water, it is bang for the buck. Tastewise, nothing exceptional. Actually, I prefer our pansit bihon. Even the Okoy, we are using bean sprouts and shrimps but here they use plain flavored flour and shrimps. Even the cabbage and oily fried egg. I am happy for the price but not satisfied. I was expecting something especial due to countless positive comments I read from the forums.

So... I decided to take a walk and returned after 30 minutes.

Upon returning, I chose this hawker, Somerset.

Their specialty is fried rice.

I chose Balachan Fried Rice for the pricez of 3.20 S$

The cook asked me if I like Spicy, OK, give me your best shot, spicy!

I told myself that if I can finish this fried rice without ordering any side dish then I would be satisfied. It took me around 5 minutes to  finish it off... Now I am satisfied and full.

Outside shots of Maxwell

Some shots inside

Singaporeans are very fond of sugar cane juice. It is a norm here that you purchase your drinks from a separate shop/counter.

Maxwell has three advantages against other Hawkers. Location, price and variety. Remove these three and I can say some food centers are worth your money. I have tried some food cart at Chinatown Food Street and some of them are really very good. The Marsiling food center is also recommendable but it is far from the city. I discovered this when I came back from Johor Bahru.

I would definitely come back here and update this post from time to time. I would try to be daring next time.


As promised, I returned to Maxwell and scanned the hawkers. Something caught my eye from this hawker

I saw a century egg dish... porridge (lugaw) with century eggs. My favorite King's Congee of Chow King immediately entered my mind.

I paid 3.50 S$ for this bowl.

Eat with caution because it is serve steaming hot. The congee itself is very sticky otherwise it is identical to our pinoy congee. The  lean meat is bland so better take some sauce available at the counter. Nevertheless, the century egg saves the day. It didn't fail my taste bud.

By the way, you can also reach Maxwell Food Center by Bus no 80 and 145. The bus station is just 20 meters away from Maxwell.

Next time I will try something daring, promise..


Went to Maxwell at 1 pm.. it was full. I remember it is weekend. It took me several minutes to find a vacant table. Actually, in one table there are six chairs and three of us were sharing this table..

I tried the famous chicken rice, not from Tian, Tian because there was a queue..

I ordered chicken rice from this hawker.

You can see Auntie smiling at me. She saw me taking picture and told me she will make my food nice for my picture. Even when I have reached my table she was still looking at me so I waved my hand and she smiled back while I was taking her picture, such a nice lady.

I chose this set menu.

Here is my 4.50 S$ chicken rice meal set. It was meticulously prepared by Auntie.

After few minutes....

Well, to be honest.. the chicken itself taste ordinary but when you put chili sauce, it enhances the flavor of the chicken and making it very tasty. Now I know why Singaporeans are very fond of chili sauce. They don't use spices or sauces such as fish and soy sauce or laurel leaves thus they try to produce tasty food out of chili sauce. The chili sauce itself is simply amazing.

The vegetables were perfect, They were crunchy and tasty due to oyster sauce and fried garlic. Simply perfect. The presentation was good also.

Regarding the rice, it looked like an NFA rice but it was perfectly fluppy and neutral so that the spiciness of the chili sauce on the chicken will linger on your tongue for just few seconds.

Needless to say, I am convinced that there is something in Maxwell. You will discover it as you keep on coming back. You don't need to eat exotic food such as pig organs or frog legs, for me, food tripping doesn't mean you need to eat things which maybe considered as taboo to your belief or culture.

Even simple foods when tasted and carefully analyzed, will make you aware that old traditions and hard work can produce amazing taste that will remain in your memory.

It is time to move on...

I have few days remaining on my Singapore vacation..I have no more reason to challenge Maxwell. In fact, I am planning to bring my colleague who arrived this afternoon from middle-east to have a taste of Maxwell. Just like me, he plans to wander in Singapore until the travel ban is lifted. It is time to pass the torch.

As our French Boss always say "Bon Appetit".

10 Dec 2011

I am back in Singapore and stayed at Beary Best hostel at Chinatown. I visited Maxwell Food Center several times during my 3 nights stay. Dined at Somerset.

Your order will be prepared and cooked in front of you thus you'll get your food hot and flavorful unlike the common chicken rice where they will simply put a pre-cut chicken/duck and rice to your plate.

FRIED MIAN XIAN for 3.20 S$, 5 S$ for the Tiger.

Great taste and lots of ingredients. Highly recommended for those who are not adventurous or food-trippers because aside from being tasty, it is not spicy.

MEE GORENG for 3.20 S$. Same price for the Tiger.

Quite sticky but not saucy. I don't like the taste but I am trained to eat if hungry. I recommend this for food-trippers, otherwise order the first one, fried mian xian.


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