Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Singapore - Botanic Gardens

For nature lovers out there, Singapore Botanic Gardens is an ideal place to spend time. Children might get bored but to those who are looking for a serene and peaceful place in the midst of bustling Singapore then you won't regret coming to this place.

Again, I used MRT in going to this place. I exited from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. If you are new in Singapore and not familiar with Dhoby Ghaut MRT station you might get confuse and will take time before you see the correct exit point. Just locate Plaza Singapura then Park Mall and Penang Road Exit.

Upon exiting Dhoby Ghaut station you will see in front of you Park Mall bus station.

At the bus station, wait for bus no 7 or 77. Bus no 7 arrived first. There is an unwritten rule for bus entry/exit. Use the front door near the driver as the entry point while the middle or back door is used mainly by alighting passengers.

This is how Singapore Botanic Gardens look like from the bus stop.

Observe the street signs, you will pass first Orchard Blvd, then Grange Road. After that, prepare yourself because Napier road will be next. You will see Tanglin Mall before Napier road. There is "T" intersection at the end of Napier road, after Napier road is Holland road while the intersecting road is Cluny road. You may press the bus stop button once you have reached the Napier road because there is only one bus stop along this road. To add, you will pass also Orchard and Somerset MRT stations along the way, if you are traveling on the same MRT line then you may alight on any of these 2 LRT stations and wait for bus no 7 or 77.

As you walk along the main road, the first sight you will see is the Swan lake.

Shots at Swan Lake


To find your way inside or visit other attractions just follow the street sign.

Well-manicured parks and gardens

Other interesting shots inside Botanic Gardens

I was surprised to find a rain forest inside the Botanic Gardens. I ventured inside the rain forest for around 100 meters then returned back. It was creepy even during afternoon. I am afraid of snakes.

Likewise, Bonsai trees abound here also.

Huge and tall trees are normal sight inside.

Some night shots

It took me around 4 hours to explore the entire area. The well-manicured parks and gardens were sights to behold.

Botanic Gardens even boasts of a restaurant. I have seen an on-going wedding celebration.

Due to very serene and romantic ambiance inside the Botanic Gardens, you'll see couples having their pre-nup shots here. In fact, I saw some of them in different areas inside Botanic Gardens while I was exploring the place. It was my lucky day indeed.

And when night time comes, pet owners come here to walk their dogs inside the gardens.

This is the only Botanic Garden in the world that is open the whole year and does not charge admission fee. It's open from 5 am to 12 midnight thus people are coming here even after sunset.

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