Monday, August 15, 2011

Malaysia - Food Trip

I have traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Singapore by bus through Johor Bahru. I preferred to travel by day so I can maximize my sightseeing.

I stopped for a couple of hours at Larkin Bus station at Johor Bahru. It was already mid-day hence I took my lunch at the bus station knowing that the trip to Kuala Lumpur will take around 5 hours.

This is what Larkin bus station restaurant looks like. This restaurant is buffet type, take all you want then the server will approach you and give the bill according to the food you take.

Food and drinks menu.

Another one.

My plate. My first taste of Malaysian food, mussels, squids and orange colored fried chicken and vegetable brown rice. Very tasty and less spicy compared to Singaporean food. They use the bigger chili which is not as hot as the small one. My meal costs was 12 RM, much cheaper compared with typical Singaporean meal.

I arrived at Kuala Lumpur at around 6 pm and after check-in and few minutes of rest I decided to trek down to KLCC (Petronas) Towers since I can see it from afar.

After an hour of walking, got hungry and tried the Yong Tau Foo vendor. In Singapore, these are included in soup or noodles.

Just dip your selections to the round stainless pot with flavored boiling soup/water for few minutes. Each selection costs 3 RM. You can select the sauce you want. After trying the 3 different sauces, I prefer the sweet and chili, yummy.

After few hours of walking, reached KLCC (Petronas Towers), took some night shots and went inside the KLCC mall. Dined at Cafe Milano. I chose spaghetti Bolognaise with beef meatballs.

Plus, waffle with scoop of ice cream and sprinkled ground peanut.

It was a mistake taking my dinner at Cafe Milano. Why? I can eat those pasta and waffle in Manila, too. This is my advice, food tripping should be as much as possible localized unless for some reasons, you need to be on the safe side then go for fast-foods or western cuisine. I paid 12 RM for the spaghetti and 10 RM for the waffle.

The following day, proceed to Batu caves. Well, nothing special in food tripping at Batu caves. Thirst was the main focus after climbing up and down the caves. Bought a young coconut for 3 RM.

From the new Batu caves LRT station, I alighted at the old railway station (KL) which is called Heritage Hotel. Found a restaurant beside the Heritage Hotel. Same way in Larkin bus station, maybe this is the norm in Malaysia, take all the food you want then the server will give you the bill on your table.

Here is my plate. Again, an orange colored fried chicken, maybe this is how they fry the chicken in KL. Colored bean sprouts and beef in tomato sauce, similar to our own caldereta and egg curry. Banana is 1 RM per piece. Including the drink, the food costs 16 RM, obviously a tourist price because of the location and lack of competition within the area.

Went to KL Central Market by taxi (it's teksi in Malaysia) from KL birds park and paid 12 RM. Bought few pieces and bottles of famous Beryl's chocolates. I am not chocolate lovers so I can not say whether Beryls is comparable to world's best but it taste good for me.

I love the assorted flavors, 19 RM per bottle.

While roaming around KL, out of curiosity, I decided to taste some of their native snacks that look the same with ours.

The Buchi is the exactly the same with our Buchi. The puto pandan and egg tart/pie are likewise the same with our own. However, the coffee taste different but flavorful, luscious and less bitter. They didn't put any white sugar, the sweetener is like a paste that settles at the bottom.

On my last day, went to KLCC (Petronas Towers) to visit the skybridge, lunched was at Mixed Rice inside KLCC Mall. Since I would travel back to Johor Bahru later I selected soya bean curd (taho), sweet and sour fish and squid. Safe foods that won't upset my stomach. All were tasty and without any spiciness.

Saw chicken rice also inside KLCC Mall.

And for those who are addicted to Nasi Lemak.

After 3 days in KL, I am on my way back to Singapore, I am missing the Tiger. Unlike in Singapore where you can buy Tiger beer at any food shop/hawker, in KL, you need to go to hotels or 7 eleven convenience stores before you can have your alcohol shot and it is expensive according to an old friend way back 1989 who I met in KL.

Went back to the new KL bus station at Bandar Tasik Selatan train/LRT station.

Grabbed a quick snack at 7/11 convenience shop. Egg pie and hotdog roll with Pepsi Max, been consuming so much sugar lately.

Oh, before I forget guys, who wants an EPAL juice?


Petaling Street (Chinatown)
Genting Highlands
Sungei Wang Plaza

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