Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Westgate Hotel - Ximending, Taipei

I am going to be straight forward and enumerate why I recommend this hotel:

1. Bus station is 5 min walk

- We came here from the airport by bus. It was pretty cheap and convenient since you don't need to transfer unlike when you travel by train. Get on the bus with your luggage; get off the bus and walk for around 50 meter. That's it! No worries since Ximen bus station is right after the Taipei Main (Bus) Station.

2. Ximending MRT Station is just around the corner

- The MRT station is just around the corner. In fact, it is much nearer than the bus station.

3. Ximending district is at the backside of the hotel

Crowds are usually present here - taken early morning

- Ximending is just right at the back of the hotel. Very eager to have a selfie at Ximending? Then this is the place to be. This area is always crowded with people vying for a solo shot. Stay at this hotel and you can run to this place right after you wake up, lol.

- Restaurants, fast foods and shops abound within 100 meters.

4. Top notch hotel facilities and services

Typical Asian breakfast

- Secured entry due to key card access even at the elevator
- Strong WiFi signal even inside the room
- Spacious room
- Complete amenities
- Decent breakfast
- And my first time to use a multi-point shower heads. I don't really know how it is called but you can select whether to use the overhead, upper body or lower body shower. Hence, you don't need shower cap anymore.

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