Monday, January 20, 2020

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village day Trip - Taichung, Taiwan

Since public transportation in Taichuung is limited, we opted to join a group tour. The wife booked this day trip through Klook. We were about twenty tourists and many of them were from the Philippines.

The meeting place is at Exit 6 of Taichung Station.

The wife and I left Taipei City early morning and travelled to Taichung by THSR high-speed train; we booked our THSR ticket through Klook too. To be honest, we find it pretty convenient and secure booking most of our trip activities from Klook.

The bus arrived on time with English speaking and courteous guide.

Aerial view of Sun Moon Lake


We disembarked at Sun Moon Lake Cable Car Station. We used the cable car in going to the Formosan Aboriginal Village. All admission fees including cable car and park entrance are included in the tour package except foods and drinks.

Meteor Garden Mansion?
We visited the place during "lean season" thus; the entire park was devoid of the usual crowds you see at many theme parks. Though we missed the Cherry blossoms, we enjoyed the tranquillity of the place and the performance of the aborigines, which was the highlight of our trip. Moreover, the wife told me that "Meteor Garden" TV series used the castle like structure inside the park if I remember it correctly.

Since it was lean season, it took us some time to locate the restaurant since some of them are closed. Fortunately, we had park map with us. On the other hand, we enjoyed the different rides and attractions inside the park.

After spending a couple of hours inside the theme park including watching the aboriginal culture village performance, we decided to return to Sun Moon Lake Cable Car station where our bus was waiting and had some snacks.

This place is quite stunning especially when the weather is clear. The wife loves this shot.


At exactly 4PM, we left the Sun Moon Lake cable car station and proceeded to Sun Moon Lake's Wenwu Temple. I have visited countless Buddhist temples but this one is massive compared to other temples.

At 4:40PM, our group left and returned to Taichung Station. From here, we boarded a THSR going back to Taipei. Actually, our trip was supposed to be at 6PM but they allowed us to take the 5:30PM trip.

Sun Moon Lake has its own magic and charm compared with other attractions in Taichung. It is like admiring the beauty of Taal Lake minus the volcano and condos.

For complete details of this trip, refer to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Day Trip - Taichung

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