Monday, December 16, 2019

Food Tripping at Shilin Night Market, Taipei City

Shilin Night Market is famous not only because of its market but rather because of its affordable street foods. I have been to several night markets in Asia and this is the first time I have seen massive concentration of street foods in a single area.

Getting there is pretty easy; get off at Jantan MRT Station (Red Line) and follow the throngs of people walking towards the market; you won't get lost, trust me. However, coming back to the station you might need to follow Google Maps since to explore fully the place you need to enter a couple of small alleys, not to mention the contniuous flow of crowds in some streets.

There is a covered market where you can buy local sweets, delicacies and dry goods.

Be aware though that the main attraction is outside this covered market.

The wife and I are fascinated due to festive atmosphere and lively crowds enjoying the wide arrays of street foods EXCEPT the Stinky Tofu. It was in our bucket list but upon smelling the horrible scent the wife begged off, lol.

So we settled with pork and vegetable buns, creamy balls with shrimps (similar to Takoyaki balls), assorted fried dumplings and of course, milk tea.

You can choose between original or spicy

Don't expect sterile gloves when you come here

I've seen these in the movie, Alien vs Predator, lol

The wife and I love this

Tasty balls

We spent a couple of hours exploring the place and spending our accumulated local coins. It was fortunate that the weather was perfect for strolling.

Having visited Shilin Night Market I can say that Taiwanese street fooods are undeniably one of the best in the world.

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