Saturday, March 9, 2019

La Boqueria - A Foodie paradise in Barcelona, Spain

If you are a Filipino or live at any Asean countries then La Boqueria is the Spanish equivalent of our typical covered public market but cleaner and more hygienic.

You’ll find at La Boqueria shops selling local pastries, sweets, cheese, hams, fruits, and other local delicacies. You can buy them by weight or in pack. Does Empanada sounds familiar to you? Well, this is the country where our Filipino Empanadas came from. I agree that it is normal to find local products at any public markets but what makes this place a must visit for Foodie are the numerous food stalls that offer gastronomic experience to both locals and visitors. This place won’t be called Europe’s largest and most famous food market for nothing; don’t expect fine dining experience though. Be prepared to eat on a long narrow table counter with seats lining up its side while the center area is used for food preparation. No worries because the entire place is covered or under one roof.

The perfect time to visit the place is just before lunch time.

The wife and I searched for “Quim de la Boqueria” and fortunately we found it with available seats. Later on, we noticed some patrons in queue and waiting to be seated.

Our Orders

We ordered their famous “fried eggs with baby squid.” To maximize our dining experience, we also asked for grilled Tuna - they provide breads along with your orders so we didn't bother asking for rice. We shared our orders and trust me, I was truly ecstatic in being able to taste baby squids along with fried eggs or what we call sunny side up eggs. I loved the taste of the yolk mixed with the baby squid sauce. Never in my life have I eaten baby squids along with fried eggs. We are used in eating “adobong pusit” or squids cooked in soy sauce and vinegar with rice but baby squids with eggs? It was definitely a thrilling experience specially the baby squids was cooked in Catalan’s way.

After lunch we bought several torones and local chocolates in packs for our kids. Don't leave Barcelona without visiting this place; try their baby squids with fried eggs.

At the end of the day, another tick off on our bucket list.


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