Saturday, March 2, 2019

Going to Sapporo Beer Museum? Then take the bus!

We were at Sapporo, Hokkaido last February; it was the peak of winter season at Hokkaido, Japan.

Being a beer drinker I included Sapporo beer museum in our itinerary. The wife and I usually take the train or subway as much as possible whenever we are in Japan due to language barrier. From the train station we trekked to our point of destination using MAPS.ME - an offline maps apps. We always reach our destination fast and safe using this apps; we even used it during our previous trips in Europe.

Based on my research on the net, the nearest train station is Higashi-Kuyakusho Mae Station on the Toho Subway Line; the museum is 15 minute walk from here. In short we found ourselves following the direction of the map apps. It shouldn't be a big deal actually; we have located our hotel and different touristy places in Madrid, Spain using the apps and sometimes it took us longer period to reach our destinations. However, I overlooked one critical thing, it was winter in Sapporo.

The map showed us the fastest route which means we have to pass along side streets far away from the main roads. Since it was winter and night time, we found the side streets deserted with dim road lights aside from knee deep snow in some areas. It was like walking along the streets similar to the movie "28 Days of Night," LOL. To be honest, I enjoyed the scenery and the adventure. But the wife... she was murmuring initially and later on started complaining that the place was so creepy and in case something bad happens to us nobody would be there and so on and so forth. She exclaimed finally that she wouldn't pass on the same path again going back to the station. I explained that it was Japan and the place was safe for both of us. Even if the streets are deserted; people would surely be there inside their houses. I kept on reassuring her until we reached Sapporo Beer Museum.

Upon setting foot in the museum all negative vibes of the wife vanished into thin air. That's my wife!

The Beer Museum

Sapporo Beer models

Beer tasting Area

Even the museum area seems deserted and creepy!

We toured the place. Unfortunately the beer tasting counter has taken its last clients; now I am the one complaining to the wife, because of this wife was ecstatic, LOL We took our dinner at nearby mall and returned back to the museum to start our journey back to our hotel.

Beside the museum is the bus station where we found Bus no 88; it's marked "Sapporo Factory." To all Dads out there, don't forget the bus number and name. I remember during my research on the net that bus 88 passes at Odori Station. Without any ado, I grabbed my wife's hand and we boarded it. I would gamble in taking the bus and get lost rather than earn the ire of my wife again. Anyway, I am sure that sooner or later the bus would pass at a train station. Moreover, our Suica card is loaded and the bus fare is fixed, no worries at all even if we return to the same spot. I was prepared to shell out a big amount of money for taxi.

To make this short, we took the bus and disembarked at Odori Station, near the TV Tower. In no time at all we were back in our hotel a few blocks away from Odori Park. The wife was thankful that she didn't have to pass along the same narrow and creepy side streets where vampires could be lurking and waiting for their dinner, HaHaHa!


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