Saturday, August 13, 2011

Singapore - Merlion Park

Merlion is the official trademark of Singapore tourism. It is a he or male; it has a lion's head and body of a fish.

Decades back, when I was listening to my father's story about Singapore's Merlion, he used to work as ship engineer, I dreamed of seeing the same Merlion that my father saw. My dream came true. I saw the same Merlion with my own eyes.

This is the most famous Merlion of Singapore; there are actually 5 of them. See my post: Singapore's 5 Merlions It is the original Merlion and located at the Merlion park that fronts Marina Bay and within Singapore's commercial business district.

I went to this place by MRT and alighted at Raffles Station and after 10 minutes of walking along Battery Road and Fullerton Road I arrived at the Merlion park. If you are not familiar on these roads, just trek down along the Marina Bay going to Fullerton Hotel and after some time the Merlion will be on sight.

I stayed for some time and when night came, the view became awesome.

Not many of us know that the famous Merlion has a cub and it is also located at the back of this Merlion.

I just saw it and searched the net why there was a small Merlion. It was his cub, but the Merlion was male. Don't ask me how it happened, I have no idea also.

Within the Merlion park is a viewing deck where tourists can easily take snapshots of Merlion, enjoy the sea breeze and watch the week-end laser show of Marina Bay Sands.

While loitering around Merlion park I have noticed that several river cruise boats were coming to this area bringing more tourists to see the Merlion.


Panoramic view of floating stage and Singapore Flyers

Marina bay Sands

Fullerton Hotel

Whenever there is national celebration, people flock to Merlion park to watch fireworks. During that time, Merlion is barricaded and so as the restaurants around Merlion park due to over crowding of spectators. Like last Singapore's national day.

So many things can happen at Merlion park including this one.

I don't know this guy, really.

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  1. I have been to Singapore twice but have not seen the Merlion! Hopefully when I revisit with the family, we could explore more of the city. The Merlion's more beautiful at night when lighted up!

  2. I agree, from sunset to night time.. you can wait until 8pm for marina Bay sands laser show.. don't forget to include his cub in your photo.. I saw the cub on my second visit only..

  3. Did you catch the light/laser show of the Marina Bay Sands?

  4. wow! i didn't know there were 5 of them. i've only seen those 2 and the big one at sentosa. any idea where are the other 2?

  5. At tourism court, made of marble, and at mount faber. If I have time I would take snapshots of them too. I got pic of the one at Imbiah Station, Sentosa Island but this post is only for Merlion Park. I would try to combine the pics of the 5 Merlions in another post.

  6. sana macover nyo din ang SG Flyer. bakit di pa po kayo nagawi dun?

  7. sorry di ko type sumakay sa SG flyer... malapit lang sa MBS yun..