Sunday, August 14, 2011

Singapore Zoo

Nothing to do today.

I decided to pay a visit to the famous Singapore Zoo. I chose to go there by train, as usual. This is my favorite mode of transportation in Singapore.

From Farrer park MRT station, I went to Dhoby Ghaut and transferred to Jurong line and alighted at Ang Mho Khio station and walked up to AMK bus station.

Inside the AMK bus station, you need to search for Bus 138. I followed the sign inside the AMK bus station until I reached Bus 138 loading berth.

It was very easy finding the gate for Bus 138. Here comes the bus.

From this point, it will take around 30 to 40 minutes until you reach the Singapore Zoo gate. That is the last stop for Bus 138. During weekends and holidays, some bus from Woodlands are traveling to Singapore Zoo also.

There is only one area at Singapore Zoo where you will alight and wait for the bus, so getting confuse is out of the question when it comes to zoo's bus terminal.

Welcome to Singapore Zoo.

Don't mind those people, I don't want to waste my time waiting for that area to be vacated by tourists.

If you intend to simply stroll inside the zoo, you pay 20 S$. In my case, I availed the unlimited Tram ride inside the zoo thus I paid additional 5 S$. I advise you to do the same because after 4 hours of walking, you would want to take a rest and you can do it while joy-riding on Tram. Don't worry if you have baby trolley with you, there is space on the Tram. To add, make sure that you will receive the complimentary zoo map, it is very useful. It helped me when I was searching for the exit.

I paid 25 S$ to the cashier and received my ticket marked free Tram ride. There are two kinds of vehicles operating inside the zoo, you might ride by mistake the staff service which is simply a decorated golf cart as you can see on this picture.

However, if you initially paid 20 S$ at the entrance and decided to take the Tram inside the zoo then no worries since there are "Rangers" at the Tram queuing line where you can pay the 5 S$ fare.

This is the Tram and it has 4 stations inside the zoo. I recommend that you explore the zoo on foot first so you will be able to see all the attractions until you get tired then take the Tram and joy ride.

There are three animals presentations inside the zoo, make sure that you will not miss the elephant show. That is the best among the three and if you miss it then you miss half of your life, just kidding.


See? Some more pics from the elephant show.

Since, it is still national day week, the elephants have joined the celebration.

Elephant show tips: don't seat at the front if you don't want to get wet. The trainers will coach their elephants to spray you with water at the beginning of the show. Nothing to worry because the water is potable or clean according to the emcee and the pond is not part of the zoo's river system.

Some fascinating shots:

You can pay for boat ride around the island. There are two boat terminals inside the zoo.

Plenty of flowers inside the orchids area.

Lastly, in the middle of the zoo, there is kidzworld. Your kids (and kids at heart) will surely love the water play but don't forget to bring spare clothes. You need to pay for Carousel ride. As for me, the most important place here is the KFC.

There is another restaurant inside the zoo but it is costlier than KFC.

It is cheaper to bring your own water because a small bottle of water inside will cost you 2 S$, quite expensive.

It took me around 6 hours to explore the entire zoo; watched elephant show and rainforest fights back. I missed the 3rd one.

I recommend Singapore zoo for all ages. My wife is now bent on coming back to Singapore after she saw the pics on my FB account.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I'll definitely use some of your inputs.

  2. You're welcome and enjoy your trip.

  3. How u back to Ang Mo Kio MRT?? by bus 138 again??

    1. Yes, but in other days, in my recollection is right, there are some buses plying to other stations.

    2. can't remember but I found this on the net. It might help you.