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Singapore - Food trip - part 1

Food tripping is one of the main activities of tourists in Singapore. You can easily find Thai, Indian, Singaporean, to name a few, and even Filipino food shop or Hawkers.

Hawkers in Singapore is similar to our eateries (turo-turo) in Philippines minus the langaws or fly.

My first food trip here in Singapore was at Chinatown Food Street.

I ordered chicken bun or in our terms chicken siopao. It was huge and came with a pair of chopstick. I have chinese blood and I have been eating siopao for many years but this is the first time I need to eat siopao using chopstick.

The taste of chicken filling is quite different and on the bland side but the bun is comparable to our best siopao in Philippines. It costs 2.50 S$. My stomach was heavy after consuming the bun, it was good as budget dinner, just bring your own water.

Another food trip in Chinatown

This one is like a "micro" size Dampa or a Dampa cart. In Manila, there are several Dampa branches like in Baclaran and Libis, where you buy the ingredients and they will cook them for a fee. In Chinatown, you select the dish like the picture on top then they will provide and cook the ingredients. You will find the ingredients, like shrimps, squids, crabs, etc. frozen also in the same food cart. If you don't like spicy foods then don't forget to inform the cook otherwise, you will not be able to appreciate the flavor of the foods.

After 15 minutes, we were ready for the real thing. We ordered kangkong, fried baby squid and sweet and sour chicken

All the dishes above were spicy. That what happens if you forget to inform the cook not to make them spicy . Luckily, with the help of the tigers, we were able to neutralize the spiciness of our order.

On our next visit to Chinatown we ordered Tom Yam soup, Prawn omelette and Beef in onions with black pepper. Tom Yam seafood soup was superb. It was like our natural sinigang (not the sinigang mix type) with a little bit of sweetness and mildly spicy. The beef and omelette were just average.

I have posted the picture below so you will have an idea about Chinatown Food Street. Those chairs and tables will be removed at 11:00 pm and you will be asked to transfer to side street (bangketa) tables.

To add, there is a hand wash station at the farthest end of the Food Street. The Toilet is at the back of this hand wash station.

I tried to go Indian also

This is my favorite Indian restaurant near Mustafa Center (open for 24 hours).

Its interior.

The menu.

I tried their chicken biryani. There are many kinds of biryani such as: chicken, beef, lamb, fish, vegetable, egg and so on and so forth. Biryani is a mixture of colorful Basmati rice with spices such as star anis, whole pepper, raisins, nuts and other indian spices while the fish, lamb or chicken is sometimes mixed with the rice. In middle east, normally the biryanis are on the subtle side, unlike the south indian biryani which is more on spicy side. Unfortunately, the one on top is from South India. I paid more than 7 S$, coke and Papad inclusive, for a very spicy chicken biryani. The papad is a thin, circular, crusty wafer-like bread. It is like our kropek. It is merely an appetizer.

I have tried their Paratha with curry sauce also and I kept on coming back. It costs me 2.60 S$ only plus the milky and sweet Indian tea. Do you know that Americans want lemon on their tea while British prefers milk. Have you watched Da Vinci Code?

Anyway, the Paratha is best eaten using your bare hands, tear a piece of it then make a small roll then dip it on the curry sauce. In India the foods are best eaten using bare hands. I have seen the pictures of my ex-colleague wedding reception at Kerala, India. The foods were served on banana leaves and without spoon/forks. I myself sometimes eat using my hands at home.

Now we go Thai

My Hostel is near City Square Mall where Farrer Park MRT station is located. Inside the mall is a Thai food stall.

If your budget is really tight, you can order economic bee hon, yes pansit bihon, for 1 S$ per serving, but available during morning only.

They have many varieties of foods; you can mix those varieties such as 1 veggie+2 meats, 2 veggie + 1 meat or 3 meats. You can have a decent meal here for less than 5 S$, drinks included. Bottled water is 1 S$ each and if you ask for ice then additional 30 cents.

These are 3 meals (with my friends) and note that each one is having different combination compared with the other.

You can have food trips as often as you want in Singapore. But since I am living on a company provided allowance I limit my food trip from cheap to decent.


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