Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Noni's Resort - Alitagtag, Batangas

My family enjoys celebrating Christmas Day outside Manila. The road trips would be a breeze and a welcome respite to daily traffic and mall congestion during the holiday season. In addition, we intend to celebrate our eldest son's birthday the following day.

Hence, we planned a "staycation" in our favorite get away place, Tagaytay City, since we used to think that Tagaytay City has the best accommodation and landscape view of Taal Lake. In fact, we stayed in this area a couple of times during our out-of-town trips.

However, on our recent Christmas Day trip the family decided to see the other side of Taal Lake that led us to Noni's Resort in Alitagtag, Batangas. That was our first time to visit that town though we have been to other places in Batangas such as Taal.

Using Android Auto I drove through SLEX and Star Toll way passing through provincial roads criss-crossing different towns. Unknowingly, there were two narrow and rough roads connecting this resort to the main highway. I missed the first one and fortunately was able to spot the second one due to a big Noni's Resort signboard. Be aware that this second road is just a couple of meters wide and passing through a residential subdivision. After passing through it, we were surprised that the remaining road can be a perfect location for an horror movie. Sugar canes at both side and without any houses for several kilometers; nobody would know if you met an accident in this area. If not for the signboard directing us through this way I would have turned back and search the first road along the highway. We passed through this road again early morning the following day after check out and encountered a police mobile car doing a routine patrol in the area. The whole family was eerily silent; it was obvious that crimes could have been committed here before thus the presence of this mobile car. Nevertheless, this post is not about this road though, lol.

Batangas Villa

Kids' Room

Our room

Free refill of mineral water

Pool at the backside of the villa

The wife booked Batangas Villa for an overnight stay. It is like a small house with two bedroom and dining area with an infinity pool at the back. Though there is a kitchen with fridge, electric kettle and dining table, we didn't find any kitchen utensils and glasses. Nonetheless, we have welcome sweets and instant coffee mixes and teas. Later on, they provided coffee mugs and spoons after we requested them.

Both rooms have flat screen and own bathroom. Bed is comfy while towels and linens are in pristine condition. Toilet is top-notch if I may say so.

The entire villa can be locked, including both rooms in case you want to explore the resort.

Reception Area

Breakfast buffet at the restaurant

Upon arrival, we parked outside the resort and searched for the lobby or reception area. Check-in area is at the main building housing the restaurant and other facilities as well. Waterproof wristband is attach on your arm to identify that you are a guest. Wifi password sadly was a hit and miss; for the first set, only two of us were able to connect. Later on, they provided us another set of passwords. Yes, one unique password for each gadget. Wifi signal is strong even inside the room.

After check-in, they told us that we can park our car at the front of our villa making it easier to arrange our things.

The place is overlooking the scenic view of Taal Lake and has a clear view of the actual Taal crater, the flat one that erupted recently and not the taller crater that you normally see from Tagaytay City. We had al-fresco snacks and drinks outside the restaurant. Sadly, some items in their menu were not available at that time. Koi fishes abound the small pond outside the restaurant.

At around 5pm, the family decided to enjoy the heated infinity pool. We had a great time. Since we were lazy to walk to the restaurant, we opted to take our dinner in our villa. We ordered their local specialties but some of them were not available. Not a big deal since the menu boasts wide varieties of Filipino foods.

We arranged the plates and left-over after dinner and left them outside. We brought with us USB drive with downloaded movie and watched it inside the kids' room. After watching the movie, the wife and I proceeded to our room while our eldest son decided to have another dip at the pool; he really loved the heated pool. He waited for his birthday in the pool; I suspect he was chatting with his girlfriend until midnight.

The entire experience was truly unforgettable especially due to the heated and lighted infinity pool, not to mention the creepy road on our way here, lol. The following day we had a sumptuous breakfast and fortunately deep fried "Tawilis" was already available. We checked-out early and drove around the lake towards Tagaytay City to celebrate my eldest son's birthday at Josephine Restaurant.

Given a chance, the family would love to come back here. I hope, Noni's Resort has been spared by ashfall from the recent Taal eruption.

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