Saturday, September 26, 2020

Dad's Review - Beware of Eastar Jet

My wife, daughter and I planned to explore jeju Island on third week of April 2020 but due to pandemic out flights were cancelled from Manila - Hong Kong - Jeju Island.

We booked one-way ticket for three from Hong Kong to Jeju Island through Eastar Jet since it was the only airline offering flights on our preferred date. We paid around 18,000 pesos for the three of us.

On March 11, we received notice from Easter Jet regarding flights cancellation due to pandemic so we ended up filing for refund which they agreed. 

On March 25, I received an email from Eastar Jet informing me that they had refunded the full amount to my credit card.

Several months have passed, I haven't received any amount from Eastar Jet. I tried sending emails to them but it seemed that the only way to contact them is through phone call in South Korea. I checked their FB page and realized that they haven't refunded any of their clients that were affected by flight cancellations caused by the pandemic.

Moreover, a take over plan by Jeju Air to Eastar was scrapped putting the low cost airline in deeper financial trouble. Obviously, this airline would find it extremely difficult to fly again due to its existing loans and delayed payment of wages of its staff. Not to mention its tarnished image due to non-payment of ticket refunds.

So guys, stay away from this airline!

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