Friday, August 12, 2011

who? me?

I have been working abroad for sometime... around 15 years.

I started working for my present company  more than 4 years back. I was blessed with a job that entitled me to travel monthly from my home to a remote area in southern part of Yemen. I'd work for 4 weeks then go back to my family in Philippines for my 4 weeks vacation.

However, due to political turmoil where I am presently working, my country imposed a travel ban a few months back. Some of my colleagues were not able to come back and lost their jobs.

Because of this, I have two options, go home and search for a new job in another country or I can wander in some places, consume my vacation and meet my family then return back to work.

I have chosen the second option. Needless to say, I am sure it would make my life complicated and full of challenges.

Right now, I am stuck in Singapore for my 6 weeks vacation. I have visited Kuala Lumpur and I have 3 weeks left. I have nothing to do.

This is my first travel (photo) blog. I hope you'll like it and accompany me while I wander.


Travel ban to Yemen was lifted in January 2012. However, my company allowed me to spend my monthly vacation in Philippines this month of June only, more than a year after I left home.

I have plenty of things to do, I hope our family car won't seize due to engine oil slick and hopefully its wheels remain round as well, LOL.

I will continue posting my previous wandering experiences outside Philippines and start to blog about my country.

Revised on 30 June 2012

I left my job last year and transferred to the largest government owned oil and gas company in Yemen. A travel ban was implemented again in Yemen last December due to a terrorist attack in a government hospital in Sana'a City that resulted to death of 7 Filipino hospital workers. Fortunately, the ban was lifted last February thus I am able to go home during my monthly vacation.

I am now working as Senior Instrument Technician. Aside from my normal work routine I am also involved in providing training and mentoring to local instrument technicians/trainees.

Though I can now go home for my monthly vacation, travel bugs have been embedded not only on myself but on my family as well. Traveling has moved us more closer and made us realized that there is a big world out there waiting to be explored not to mention that our kids perspective have changed dramatically.

Because of this, I expect that when my wife and I grow old we know that we will have plenty of things to reminisce and stories to tell to our grand children.

Revised on 26 July 2014


Due to war in Yemen, I lost my job last March. Bombs started to rain near our work site a week after I went for vacation. Fortunately, my previous company offered me a Supervisory job in Chad, Africa. Initially, I was delighted to notice my work site surrounded by greenery or forest. However, in less than 2 weeks, two of my colleagues tested positive for Malaria. I left a war ravaged country to face this monstrous tropical disease. Anyway, as long as I am receiving my monthly pay and enjoying my monthly vacation as well, Malaria or no Malaria, I will continue working the best I can.

Revised on 03 August 2015

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