Friday, August 12, 2011

my work place

This is where I work. It is remote area and surrounded by plateaus, rock formations and wilderness.

However, there are places where small communities thrive. Normally, you will find water within these areas making them habitable. They call these places as Wadi..

Although the place seems desolate, the surrounding areas are teeming with wildlife such as baboons and camels, not to mention snakes and rats. Yes, plenty of rats. They have gnawed some of our communication and fiber-optics cables in the past causing production loss to our company.

Goats and lambs are plentiful.

I find my work place very serene and inspiring. Moreover, the locals are hardworking and one of the nicest nationalities I have worked with. This country where I work is very rich in history and tradition, even its capital is considered by Unesco as world heritage site. I am very fortunate to see and experience the hospitality of this once great nation.

At first glance, the place seems desolate and unspoilt, but there is something beneath this place... black gold.

Yes, there is oil under this place and my job is to make sure that our control system will continue pumping oil and producing gas every second, 24/7. This is my responsibility whenever I am at work. I have two local guys working on my team. We are 24 hours on-call including daily 12 hours duty without day-off for 4 weeks.

Because of this, it is an utmost priority to have a nice and relaxing vacation with my family at home.

Sad to say this is not the case at the moment....... I long for my family, the warm hugs of my wife and the smiles and laughter of my kids.

I am now stuck in a city, expensive and full of life, highly commercialized and every cents counts.

Nevertheless, I took this opportunity to explore this country, Singapore. I believe I have found in Singapore something more precious than the black gold of middle-east and I would share it with you on my following posts.

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