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Singapore - a glimpse of Changi Airport - T3 & T1

My six weeks vacation in Singapore has elapsed. I went to KL for few days in order to reset my SVP for another 30 days.

It is now time to go back to work and say goodbye to Singapore - for now.

I left Singapore from Terminal 3 by Qatar Airways last Friday.

I have been to many airports around the world but I've never expected that Changi airport (T3) will be indescribable. I was amazed and must admit that I was envious too. I hope we could build the same airport in the Philippines in the near future.

The interior has a golden reflection due to lighting effects. Upon arrival you will notice immediately that the area is huge and spacious. How can a small country such as Singapore can build such a huge airport in a limited land.

Even the advertisements are simply awesome and modern.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

You can easily find weighing scales in some areas which make it very convenient for those who are avoiding to pay excess baggage like this guy.

There is even a robotic "flower" propeller which rotates itself randomly.

They also have a unique way of segregating the waste. Anybody will find it entertaining while disposing their waste prudently. Even myself, I enjoyed reading them.

I inquired on this GST counter but they told me that I need to file a tax refund inside the waiting area; there is another GST refund counter after the immigration section since I am carrying the items on my bags or hand carry. They only accept/inspect items which will be checked-in. I followed their instruction and was able to get GST refund. However, if you have purchased the item using your credit card then you need to wait for 5 working days until the refund is credited back to your credit card.

As long as you can read, you won't get lost inside the airport due to numerous multi-lingual directions.

You can even know which airlines are using the different terminals of Changi airport.

After passing the immigration area and claimed GST refund, it was time to have some dinner. I went to SATS premium/business lounge which cater to Qatar Airways Gold frequent flyers. Well, to be honest, I prefer the business lounge of Emirates Airways at Dubai airport.

To my surprise, I have eaten Hainanese chicken from different hawkers and at USS but I never thought that I would have the best Hainanese chicken at SATS premium lounge. It was tasty even without the chili sauce.

Time to proceed to boarding gate.

Inside these boarding lounges are two level waiting areas. I think this terminal was built or designed to accommodate Airbus A380.

Indeed, Changi airport (T3) is one of the best airports in the world.

Arriving at work, I realized that I still have many pictures on my cam. If time permits, I would posts some of my remaining experiences in Singapore in the coming days.

Right now, I am taking this travel ban imposed by our government to my place of work positively due to my unforgettable Singapore experience but nevertheless, I hope it will be lifted soon so I will have the chance to go home and stop wandering...


Singapore was my point of entry and exit during my last monthly vacation. When I learned that my company has booked my flight back to my place of work via Emirates airlines last 10 January I was a bit jumpy because it was my chance to have a glimpse of Changi airport Terminal 1.

Like Terminal 3, the check-in counters area was huge and spacious. But unlike terminal 3 which has a golden aura, terminal 1 was brightly lit by normal daylight lamps. My excitement disappeared.

However, after passing the immigration, my heart started to beat faster due to wonderfully designed inner hall of terminal 1.

Big duty free shops at the entrance hall


I am really amazed at the size of Changi airport. Not only this but also the thick wall to wall carpet. I have seen this kind of carpet only at 5-star hotels and other great buildings.


Having a couple of hours before my flight I have decided to loiter inside the airport. I explored this 24 hour food court.

I never imagined that Changi airport would be so passenger friendly without sacrificing elegance and beauty. You will be entertained by wide screen LCD TV showing movies and sports with comfy couch or seat. A free internet kiosk was also available at the food court. The area itself was similar to a hotel lobby and most corporate meeting room will pale in comparison to this place.


After spending an hour here I decided to search for my boarding gate, D41.

you can play badminton while waiting for your flight
colorful waste bins

Even at the boarding gate, security measure is at par with world's standard.

Truly, Changi airport deserves to be one of the best airports in the world be it terminal 1 or 3. I haven't seen terminal 2 yet but don't ask me about the budget terminal for I felt I was inside a covered warehouse, LOL.

Revised: 27 January 2012

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