Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Singapore - Food Republic

Singapore is indeed a haven for food trippers.

Take a leisurely stroll along any Singapore road and you will find hawkers and restaurants on each block. Sometimes they are just a stone-throw away from each other.

It never occurred to me that even inside a shopping mall, I would find hawkers style food shops like Food Republic. It is hawkers-in-style because the ambiance befits any world-class food court inside a mall.

In my opinion, the Food Republic inside Vivo City is the best. I love its warm and nice lighting/lanterns while the wooden chairs and tables are similar to any authentic Chinese restaurant you see in the movie.

From outside, it seems like a small food counters with several tables and chairs inside.

Approaching the entrance you will notice that there is actually a big space for diners inside.

I chose Mini Wok because I would like to compare their Kung Pao with our own Chow King's Kung Pao.

The chicken as expected is a little bit spicy and on the sour side. It is similar to our sweet and sour chicken with fried (scrambled) egg. The serving is quite big unlike at Chow King. The soup is tasty. Not bad.

The following day, Saturday, at around 2pm, I decided to have my lunch again in FR, Vivo city. It was a mistake going there on Saturday because the place was full, it took me more than 15 minutes to search for vacant seat. I have so many free days and I never thought that this place would be jampacked during week-end. Anyway, as consolation, I found one very unique and fantastic noodle/soup shop inside FR.

Usually when we order noodles, we have to select, beef, chicken, beef wanton and emperor. We have limited variety of noodles, isn't it?

But for Yong Tau Foo, you can have countless of combination on your noodles.

See my selection.

You can even choose your noodles, big or small according to Auntie. Note the different condiments and sauces.

My noodles/soup, around 7 S$. This is simply superb, best noodles soup I ever had.

It is time to pay a visit to another FR at Orchard road. It is located at the 4th level of this building.

While in FR, Vivo city, I noticed a long queue at fried prawn noodles. Out of curiosity, I ordered the same noodles from the same food shop, medium size.

looks great, it was cooked in front of me 

The noodles are firm and slippery but flavorful especially when mix with the sauce. I can't be wrong, the sauce is similar to our own bagoong (shrimp paste), very tasty and a little bit spicy. The prawns skin is crispy thus after removing its head, you can devour the entire body immediately. This noodle tastes great!

I recommend that you try this when you visit any FR branch.

I noticed that you will find only Asian food inside all FR. There is no western foods such as burgers & fries.

09 December 2011

During my 3 nights stop-over at Singapore, on my way to Kuala Lumpur, I paid a visit to FR, Vivo city before I started to conquer Mount Faber. I need energy and water so my body will remain hydrated in going up to Mount Faber peak where my last and fifth Merlion stands. It would complete my photo shoots of 5 official Merlions of Singapore.

Going back to Food Republic, I went back to JJ Yong Tau Foo shop where I can select ingredients for my soup or noodles.

See my selection. It costs me 7.80 S$.

And the final product.

This soup has provided the energy and water to my body when I climbed Mount Faber, lol. Because of this, I have completed the photos of 5 Merlions of Singapore.

April 2013

My family and I dined at Food Republic inside Citygate Outlets Mall after visiting Ngong Ping. I never saw any other Food Republic in other places in Hong Kong. Great ambiance and foods.



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