Saturday, September 10, 2011

Singapore - Waterloo Street

I bet you're reading this post out of curiosity.

Well, if you have been to Bugis Street, Waterloo is not far away. It is just around the corner.

Bugis could be Singapore's most famous souvenir shopping area due to its cheaper and wide variety of products, however, for now let's forget about shopping. Let's focus on normal daily lives of Singaporeans.

Coming from Bugis Junction, traverse Bugis Street. When you have reached its end, cross the road and continue walking and after few minutes you will reach Waterloo Street.

At the corner of this street you will find the Trishaw Uncle park, beside Albert Mall. Adult fare is 39 S$ for 30 minutes ride within Bugis and Little India areas. This park was opened last year only, hence it is not that popular yet for tourists. Notice Bugis Street Tarpaulin.

Along this street are vendors demonstrating their product. If my wife sees this rotating mop squeezer she might buy one. Notice the Tiangge style show room at the back of this vendor.

The lady on gray skirt below approached me and tried to show some papers but I immediately told her, I am not Singaporean then she backed off. You will find also several fortune tellers and flower stalls in front of this Buddhist Temple. It is like an upscale Quiapo.

This fortune teller could be good.

Unfortunately, photography is not allowed inside this Buddhist temple.

The Hindu temple below is just beside the Buddhist temple on top. This shows how rich and diverse is Singapore religious roots and how they respect and preserve their heritage.

This street serves also as mini-park. Many "Uncles" are passing their time here during afternoon.

For several several weeks, I have been longing to try this 1 S$ ice cream. I just wanted to experience how to eat a block of ice cream.

Uncle is chopping a Vanilla flavor ice cream. Did you notice the plastic hand glove and ID (permit)?

I chose the wafer type chocolate ice cream.

Yummy but sticky on hand.

Simply put, Singaporeans are like Filipinos in some ways. Because of some similarities between our culture with them, I can easily adapt their way of life whereas when I was in France for few months, many many years back, I thought I was in another world; everything was completely new for me.

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