Thursday, November 3, 2011

Malaysia - a glimpse of KL International Airport

While enjoying my vacation in KL city with my wife and youngest kid, I received a mobilization notice/email from my company that I need to go to Abu Dhabi city for 2 weeks training and 1 week in Dubai for inspection & testing. Without any further ado, my wife and kid went back to Manila and I waited for my flight.

In short, I was booked last 16 Oct for 2 AM flight from KLIA to Dubai by Emirates Airlines. And since my hotel was near KL Sentral, I went to KLIA by KL Ekspres.

28 minutes after leaving KL Sentral, I arrived at KLIA. Even before arriving at KLIA, you could have an unforgettable experience by traveling on a fast train or KLIA Ekspres.

Upon alighting from KLIA Ekspres, you can immediately check your flight before going to departure area.

 There is also a dedicated lift from KLIA Ekspres train platform to departure area.

Within check-in counters (departure) area, this part of the airport quickly grabbed my attention. Truly, Diwali festival is widely celebrated in Malaysia.

Entering this circular-like structure, you will be informed about the colorful history of Malaysia's airlines industry and the significance of Diwali.

The significance of Diwali festival.

Some shots of main terminal check-in/departure area. I have no doubts that KLIA is one of the most spacious airports I have ever seen. It also utilizes natural lighting though not as extensive as Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, France.

KLIA has its own luxury car raffle contest. Why do airports normally hold luxury car raffle contest? 

A very interesting chocolate (duty free) shop.

Since its inauguration on 1998, KLIA has won several awards including the The World's best Airport for 15-25 million passengers several times and Best Airport Immigration Service. Indeed, KLIA deserves the award.

From the main passenger terminal, you need to transfer to satellite terminal building by Aerotrain. The satellite building is a cross-type structure. At the middle of this cross-type building you will find several airlines lounges, duty free shops, movie lounge for cable channels, shower and massage service. Wireless internet (Wifi) is also provided free inside this building.

An automated and driver-less Aerotrain connects the main and satellite buildings at around three minute interval trips. The train journey between these two buildings last for a couple of minutes.

In the middle of the satellite building is a natural Malaysian rain-forest. However, due to time of my flight I didn't bother venturing out to this rain-forest though I was truly amazed even by gazing on it through the wide expanse of glass wall surrounding it.

While waiting for my flight, I stayed on one of the reclined seat that abounds around the rain-forest and surfed the net. I thought I have seen the best of KLIA until I proceeded to boarding gate.

Am I inside a theme park or what?

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