Friday, December 2, 2011

Cars in UAE

UAE is melting pot of middle-east. It is surrounded by Saudi Arabia and Oman and a short jet ride from Qatar. Being an open country, many well to do Arabs and expats normally visit and work in UAE; they drive around with their flashy and sporty "cars". I mean real cars and not the Jap or Korean knick-knacks. Pardon my words but when you see these "cars" you will know what I mean. I myself own a Jap knick knack car.

On my first day, these two caught my attention. They were pursuing each other and treat Sheik Zayed Road as their own racing ground. I just hope they won't cause any accident. Nevertheless, they were able to entertain me while I was on my way to Jebel Ali. Actually, I asked our Toyota Previa driver to stay near with these two but sad to say, we were not even able to approach them.

The following day, this one caught my attention. 

Next day. Hmm, it seems sports cars are normal view along this freeway.

Anyway, I didn't ask anymore our driver to follow these cars. It is a useless effort and might cause us some problem. I don't want to use my company provided insurance, ever.

While in Dubai, I usually took my dinner at Dubai Mall. Strolling from Dubai mall metro station, the nearest entrance of Dubai Mall was Fashion Avenue. My God, that was the first time I've seen these cars in my whole life and not once, not twice but almost in daily basis.

You think you have seen enough? Note the plate numbers.

Even some westerners were taking some shots of these cars. They've been a part of Dubai Mall attraction and the security guys were already accustomed with these photo-shoots that they would even smile whenever they see us taking some shots.

After seeing the cars of the big boys, time to know where the smaller boys park their own toys, lol. In a dark spot beside the entrance. Mind you, they are Range Rovers.

Before coming to Dubai, my colleagues and I stayed in Abu Dhabi for two weeks. One morning, while visiting my colleagues at Millenium Hotel, I spotted this car parked outside its entrance. This is the best! I prefer this car among those cars above. My heart was pumping very fast upon seeing this Lamborghini with my own eyes, never mind the Rolls Royce above.

Back to reality. I know, even if I'll save all my salaries until I stop working at 60, I would not be able to buy any of these cars. However, I saw this Toyota FJ Cruiser along Abu Dhabi road. I believe, I can afford this SUV if they sell this model in Philippines; I prefer this one compared to Fortunner. This is ideal for our flood-prone roads in Manila and according to some review, it will even drive on 2 feet of snow without any effort at all. This could be the next big hit for Toyota in Philippines. Better start saving.

I hope I'll see this tank in Manila


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  1. andami nga sosyal na tsikot sa middleast...
    same here in doha... and that fj cruiser! oohlala its looks like a petite hummer to me..hehe

  2. yes, I wonder why Toyota is not selling FJ in Manila...