Thursday, December 1, 2011

UAE - roaming around Dubai

Coming back to Dubai after several years, I have noticed that its economic growth stagnated in the last few years. Many buildings and skyscrapers left unfinished by developers were noticeable. Nevertheless, Dubai still boasts great skyscrapers in this part of the world and you will find them from Dubai downtown to Business Bay up to Marina area.

I stayed at Holiday Inn Express, Safa Park which was within Business Bay area.

Business bay area skyscrapers

From here, Burj Khalifa which is located at down town Dubai is clearly visible.

shot taken from outside Holiday Inn Express

Coming back to my hotel after inspection, the nearest place of interest is down town Dubai where Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa are located. It is the next metro station from Business bay. I need to walk for around half-kilometer before I reach Business bay metro station. I used this station whenever the weather is fine in going to Dubai Mall or Mall of Emirates. However, in case there is sand storm I prefer to travel by hotel taxi.

Business Bay metro station

A typical Dubai metro station. See how convenient to use the metro station even when the desert temperature soars at around 45 degrees during summer.


modern and comfortable metro station

Your trip will be a lot comfortable and safe if you use Dubai metro. It is unmanned and fully automated. Daily accidents are normal in Dubai roads where vehicles can travel up to 120 kph within the city proper.

Another main tourist attraction in Dubai is Jumeirah Beach Park which is few kilometers away from my hotel. Westerners frequently visit this place to sunbathe while Asians normally gather here to have barbeque parties/gathering during weekend and holidays. You need to pay 5 Dhs entrance fee. Aside from private vehicles, this place is accessible by bus and taxi only.

sorry guys, camera is not allowed along the beach

I used to travel to Jebel Ali daily where I was doing inspection and testing of some oil and gas equipment that will be delivered to our company. From Business Bay area, my transport would pass to Marina area before reaching Jebel Ali. This place is so exclusive. Several residential buildings are surrounded by man-made lagoons and rivers. Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to take shot of the man-made lagoons.

Before reaching Marina area, Burj Al Arab, seven star hotel, will appear on sight.

Approaching Marina area.

Marina skyscrapers.

Note the unfinished building and skyscrapers.


Dubai Marina mall

Dubai can be considered as modern city. Numerous and magnificently designed skyscrapers abound within the city. However, I am surprised to see that their main bus station, Al Ghubaiba, remains primitive considering that you can travel to other emirates by public transport from this place. It is similar to a huge parking area with a very small ticket counter to cater to hundreds of passengers daily. Abu Dhabi bus station is way ahead in terms of comfort. Kuala Lumpur TBS bus station is far more advance. But in fairness, the buses are new, huge and comfortable.

That is my youngest sister. She's working in Abu Dhabi city and visited me during my stay in Dubai last EID holiday. She wanted to be featured on my blog and was elated to see my picture with "pinoy explorer" in Dubai.

Returning back to Abu Dhabi city after EID holidays, hundreds of passengers were in queue; it was nightmare because all the buses haven't came back from Abu Dhabi city yet. This is the positive side on this station, there is a separate line for ladies and family. Thus, even if there were hundreds of passengers ahead of my sister, she was able to leave Dubai on-time due to separate queue.

Dubai is an open city. You can have your alcohol shots from countless bars which are located in hotels. However, be forewarned that it is costly. I went to my hotel bar/lounge and ordered vodka with orange, double. I paid 56 Dhs or more than 15 USD. That was the last time I went to that bar. I called my niece and asked her to buy me a liter of Absolute. The bottle cost me 80 Dhs or almost 22 USD plus taxi transport paid by my company, lol. I went to her place at Karama. On my way to her place I took these shots:

A Bedouin transporting sheep to be slaughtered for Eid holiday.

An old school Ferris wheel inside Safa Park. Dubai still having this kind of entertainment ride?

An old land mark within Karama (?) area.

Having posted countless pictures of Dubai skyscrapers including Burj Khalifa we should not forget that Dubai is in the middle of desert. I have taken some shots of a typical desert landscape for you guys to appreciate how our country are blessed with fertile land though there are several parts in UAE that boast great greeneries, as well, such as Al Ain.


They call this place as sand dune and you will see more of it on my Dubai Desert Safari post where I met "pinoy explorer". Stay tuned.


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