Saturday, November 26, 2011

Malaysia - Old Town White Coffee

I am an avid coffee drinker. At my age, I prefer coffee than soda, please don't ask me to choose between coffee and vodka.

I have tasted several coffee flavors such as cafe au lait, mochachino, capuchino, cafe americano and so on from different coffee shops such as Kopitiam, Strabucks, Figarro, Costa and even Dunkin Donuts and Mc Cafe. However, when I was working in Abu Dhabi, I learned to love Ali Cafe with Tongkat Ali from Malaysia. So while in Kuala Lumpur, I was looking for coffee laced with Tongkat Ali. I found something better.

Strolling around our hotel near KL Sentral with my wife and youngest kid, I saw Old Town White Coffee at ground floor of My Hotel. White coffee without milk? I've been to France, Dubai, Hong Kong and other countries but I've never seen and tasted any white coffee. Out of curiosity, brought wife and kid for a quick snack.

I tried their white coffee.

The taste was perfectly unique. Gone with fancy flavor and sugary and milky taste.

This coffee shop also offers various breakfast and snacks selections which deserve accolade for being simple but great in taste and price. Nothing fancy on their breakfast menu.

day's Menu

This breakfast meal was good and bang for the bucks. It can easily beat Mc Cafe breakfast meal. Simple, great in taste and big serving. Even now, while looking at the picture, I am salivating, lol.

They offer set menu for lunch also.

The chicken curry is pretty amazing. It is more subtle than the Indian curry and similar to our own Filipino style chicken curry minus the potato.

You can win free voucher if your order will arrive later than 15 minutes. I checked several times but I didn't win. I think nobody won this voucher yet. Anyway, at least you don't need to wait longer than 15 minutes.

Old Town has its own brand of instant coffee mixes with several nutty flavors. As expected, their bestseller is the 3 in 1 white coffee. I didn't buy because I prefer to remember the taste of freshly brewed white coffee rather than instant mix.

If you are still curious why they call it white coffee even if the coffee itself is not really white then at any Old Town White Coffee shop you will find this:

Old Town has the most number of coffee shops in Malaysia and several outlets in Singapore. In fact, you will find one at LCCT and at Sungei Wang Plaza. It is growing very fast in South East Asia. I hope they'll put up outlets in Philippines, I will buy franchise if I can afford it. In addition, they're even exporting their instant white coffee mixes to US, China, Singapore and other countries. So what can I say? Watch your back, Starbucks.

Saw an Old Town in downtown Mongkok, Hong Kong last Christmas.


Petaling Street (Chinatown)
Genting Highlands

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