Friday, December 30, 2011

Hong Kong - Wang Fat hostel

I booked 2 nights, 23 & 24 Dec, by net at Wang Fat hostel due to positive review and location.

I reserved a single room with ensuite toilet, but in reality the room has two single beds. Anyway, I have the entire room for me for 2 nights. Paid 64 USD per night; quite expensive but it was peak season and all cheaper hostels were fully booked on the said date.

As instructed, I took bus A11 from HKIA. Alighted at station 13 or near Soho shopping mall and walked along Paterson Street. Fare was 40 HKD. It took the bus around 40 minutes to reach Causeway Bay. Though the hostel was at the center of Causeway Bay, it took me some time before I found it because there was no sign board outside. It was at the 3rd floor of Fashion Walk building.

I arrived at around 9:30 AM. The room was immediately released to me by the male staff, I forgot his name. However, the info from the web was correct, Wang Fat hostel is under Hong Kong hostel management. I paid the remaining 90% reservation balance at the reception area of Hong Kong hostel office. Paid also 100 HKD deposit to be refunded upon check-out. After I have checked-in, I was led to Wang Fat hostel which was on the same floor but opposite wing.

Once you alight from the elevator, Hong Kong hostel is at the right side while Wang Fat hostel is at the other side. The computer or internet room is inside Hong Kong hostel beside the reception area. You can also buy some drinks and beers from here. Laundry was 100 HKD for 3 kg and will be delivered on the same day. Ask for Hong Kong street map from the guy at the counter. It is free and very useful.

The building has two old and small elevators but waiting time is tolerable. Anyway, you can easily use the stairs since the hostel is only at the 3rd floor. 

You will simply see an empty reception area and several rooms and toilets inside Wang Fat hostel.

The open door at the left most side is the common toilet while the left yellow door is my room with ensuite T & B.

I took this shot from the empty reception area of Wang Fat hostel.


an old school TV

Toilet and bathroom is small. You need to warm-up or turn on the water heater at least 10 minutes before you take shower according to their staff. To add, heater should be turned off once you have finished your shower to prevent overheating. The T&B is as per Hong Kong standard, tiny.

I don't know the real situation regarding the hostel but it seems the building where this hostel is located should be used mainly for residential purposes only according to the notice posted at the ground floor. This could be the reason why there was no hostel sign board outside the building.

I don't know their dorm rate but even if I paid 64 USD per night, I think it was reasonable due to its location and size of the room; you can pay half the amount if you are two. Not to mention that it was peak season also. I have great view on the street due to glass panels. Nothing special with their service but I have no qualms also.

Due to freezing temperature, I wasn't able to observe how they celebrate christmas on the street. Nevertheless, I was able to take photos of street carollers few hours before christmas. See my post: Street carollers at Causeway Bay.html

I need to warm my self with my favorite drinks and do preparations for my transfer to Harbor Plaza Resort hotel at new Territories. Family will arrive tomorrow to celebrate christmas with me. I'll have a joyous christmas after all.

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