Wednesday, December 7, 2011

UAE - Jumeirah Beach (Dubai)

During last EID Al-Adha, I was stuck in Dubai. I decided to go to Jumeirah Beach which was few kilometers away from my hotel at Safa park.

The beach was accessible by bus and taxi. No metro station was near this place.

As early as 10 AM, the beach parking lot was almost full and there was a long queue of people who wanted to spend their holiday at the beach.

park visitors need to pay 5 Dirhams entrance fee

This is the central plaza. The center goes direct to the beach. The left side will lead you to barbeque and playground areas, there is also an amphitheater within this area. The park and volleyball ground lies on the right side.

In front of the central plaza is a burger and snack joint. Please don't mind the horse ass.

Barbeque area

Playground area

Dubai is strict regarding the environment. You need to follow some rules when you are inside the park.

And park timing.

The best part is the beach area. However, sorry guys, no camera allowed on the beach.

So, let's be satisfied with this shot.

And this.

Another one.

No more.

Jumeriah beach park is ideal for holiday trippers, family outing and barbeque parties. The kids will have their hands full at the playground area; you can bring your own football and volleyball. I never saw any basketball court.

The beach looks great and lifeguards are available. The sun-worshipers will be happy to bath on its rays. The sand as you can see on my shot is white but not as crystal white compared to our fine beaches in the Philippines.

I stayed here for a couple of hours then left after my photo-shoots.


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