Monday, December 12, 2011

UAE - Mall of Emirates (Dubai)

This is the second biggest mall and shopping center in Dubai.

Its main attraction is the indoor Ski Dubai. It is one of the biggest indoor ski in the world.

Aside from ordinary snow park, you can literally do skiing inside Ski Dubai, even snow boarding. You can even host your party in one of their private rooms overlooking the snow park. The entrance ticket include equipment and warm clothes rental except hat and gloves but you can purchase these items at nearby shop.


definitely an oasis in the middle of the desert

MOE also boasts of the biggest indoor family entertainment center in Dubai. The Magic Planet. It occupies two level.

This is the first time I see this ride. The Robo Coaster.


Other shots inside the Magic Planet:


a 4d ride

The shopping mall

natural lighting at the mall atrium

An Arabic designed bi-lingual direction inside the mall

cigar shop

Cinema schedule

an upscale shopping center
Carrefour supermarket is located at the ground floor, making it ideal for complete shopping experience.

carrefour entrance and cashier lanes
There are two Food Courts, East and West.

West Food Court


East Food Court

so tasty and satisfying dumplings. i love chinese

High-end restaurants are also available

I tried this Korean restaurant

Chop Chop
That was really high-end. My order cost me more than 70 Dhs or almost 20 USD. I secured the receipt inside my wallet. The receipt was good as cash for me, to be reimbursed by my company, lol. I wonder why every time I eat at this kind of place, I was not satisfied due to small serving. The food looks good but small serving.

Mall of Emirates from outside

I have observed that most of the malls in Dubai have entrances designed for vehicle entry. Unlike our normal shopping malls in Manila where you have separate entry for vehicles, in Dubai, some mall entrances were actually parking lots entrance making it a bit unsafe for pedestrians.

You can easily visit Mall of Emirates by metro train. The metro station is connected directly to the mall making it very convenient to the shoppers especially during summer months where the humidity can go as high as 95%. A mere 20 meters walk during summer can make you sweat.

As for me, I'll come here for two reasons, Ski Dubai and food. Otherwise, I prefer spending my time at Dubai Mall.


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