Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Filipino heroes of Costa Concordia

This is the first time I have post something not related to my travel. I can't stop myself from admiring my fellow (OFW) Filipinos working at Costa Concordia. More so, as son of retired seaman (3rd engineer) I can relate to the experience of our kabayans working at the ill-fated cruise ship for one time my father arrived in our home without any notice. He met an accident at work and was hospitalized in other country before coming back to us. In addition, one of my younger brother used to work in a Cruise ship traversing New Orleans.

picture from the French article (SUD QUEST)

Going back to Costa Concordia, it was all over the news. I don't want to elaborate further about the details of the accident but I simply wanted to share this French article: Filipino heroes of CC I used Google Chrome to translate it to English

"Those who have helped us, they are the cooks, maids, all Filipino.They were roped together to help us get into the boats. We were able to get at the last moment before the ship goes down. People have jumped directly to water , others managed to climb onto the hull and then were airlifted, others pick up their children was the stampede, "recounts yet Jessyca.

I gave this title to the article so my readers will be informed that you can be a hero in your own way. Kudos to you guys. You deserve a heroes welcome.

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