Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Singapore - Marina Bay Sands

If Hong Kong has The Peak while Dubai has Burj Khalifa, Singapore's signature landmark is Marina Bay Sands.

The first time I saw a picture of MBS a year ago I can't avoid asking myself, "Is this real?" MBS design was futuristic and perfectly weird.

MBS caters not only to casino players and hotel guests but even to ordinary tourists. For minimal fee one can avail or enjoy some of its facilities such as skypark, museum, exhibits and ice rink. However, if you want to splash at skypark swimming pool then you need to check-in; I've been told that this pool was exclusively for hotel guests use only.

I wanted to go to Skypark but I noticed the cloudy sky so I forego my plan; I was correct, it rained after some time.

I went to MBS from Promenade MRT station and walked for around 200 meters until I reach the Helix bridge. However, I have learned that the Bayfront MRT station along circle line has been opened few days back thus it is now easier to go to MBS.

The bridge itself is unbelievable. I have been impressed by hanging bridges but this is the first time I have seen a stainless steel bridge. For a technical person like me, I simply call it maintenance-free bridge. Anyhow, this is a pedestrian bridge hence the load is not quite heavy compared with normal bridge.

Emerging from this bridge you will be greeted by Art Science Museum. I am not a science museum fanboy so I didn't bother to explore it. I preferred to loiter around the museum and took the picture of this lonely flower instead of paying 25 S$ entrance.

panoramic view of Singapore Flyer

After spending an hour along the bay front, I decided to explore MBS shopping mall. The mall is using natural lighting thus reducing its carbon footprints. Its interior is quite spacious but has limited tenants and crowd.

Narnia exhibit was on-going at that time

While scouring the mall, I have noticed that most shops were under global brands. It was obvious that this mall mainly served its hotel clientele. If you intend to come here to purchase souvenir items or some knick-knacks, forget it. Dining? Don't expect to find any fast-food joints here such as McDonalds and KFC. In case you get thirsty you can buy cheap drinks from the bicycle vendor along helix bridge.

Actually, I didn't find anything special inside MBS mall though I was quite impressed by the fact that it used natural lighting but I have seen better malls so I decided to leave MBS and strolled around the bay front towards Merlion park for I truly marvel at MBS structure when I am afar. Moreover, I had that feeling that I was inside an airport.

Lotus building


Reaching Merlion park, now I can truly appreciate the view of Singapore's most spectacular hotel. Not only its design was amazing but also its location. MBS shows different moods at any given time; I prefer its mood during sunset.

cloudy but sunny view of MBS

golden MBS

fiery red MBS


Having explored MBS several times, I can truly accept that this is the most spectacular structure built in Singapore and I believe that it will eventually rival the popularity of Merlion.


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