Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Yearender

I vividly remember my last new year celebration in Philippines. Our house was newly renovated due to damaged done by flood caused by typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana). The feeling was great, new house, new beginning and new year. I bought some fountain and aerial fireworks.

Few months after that memorable celebration, travel ban was imposed by our government to the country where I work due to so-called Arab Spring.

All Filipino staff was shocked. Some of my colleagues lost their jobs because they were not able to come back to our job site. Even our company was caught unprepared. Decision was hastily made, all Filipino staff would go to Singapore or any Asean countries during their vacation. Logistical supports were provided by our company.

I had no choice, it was very difficult to resign from my job while having 2 kids in college and 1 in high school. Not to mention my car and housing loans. I have to bite the bullet. I have to make decision that will change my life and will surely affect my family.

I left my house on May. After that, I started spending my vacation away from home. It was a learning experience for me and my family. I have learned to treasure the few days I spent with my family in other countries. The feeling was great and depressing. It was like a drug, you were "high" for some time and after your family has left then depression came in. It was an analogy for I don't use drug!

On positive side, 2011 was a very interesting year for me because my eyes were opened and learned that there was a great world out there waiting to be explored. My horizon broadened and outlook in life has been changed totally. For my family, many great and unforgettable moments during our trips will be treasured in our lifetime.

The following are the highlights of my trips last year:

I have reached the highest observation deck in the world. See: Burj Khalifa

Met Pinoy Explorer. See: Wandering guy meets Pinoy Explorer

I became aware about the backpackers' world after my previous trips. See: My first adventure in Singapore

Slept on train for two consecutive nights from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok wearing the same clothes. See: Train trip 3

I have conquered Sentosa Island, Singapore for 1 S$. See: Conquer Sentosa island for 1S$

I have seen the 5 Official Merlions of Singapore. See: 5 Merlions

The street carollers at Causeway Bay on Christmas eve fascinated me. It was not a joke singing outside for several hours when the temperature was freezing at 10 deg C. See: Street carollers at Causeway Bay

To save money, I slept on airports and trains. Did my laundry. I have learned to eat on unknown streets or roads. Befriended several individuals without knowing whether I would meet them again. They're now stuck in my memory palace.

For the first quarter of this year, I hope to return back to Thailand, visit Cambodia and Vietnam. If time and money permit spend few days at Macau. If travel ban to my place of work will prolong until end of this year then I plan to visit India and the land of my ancestor, China.

I would like to thanks several pinoy travel bloggers and Pinoy Exchange forumers You were great guys! Without your valuable information freely provided on net my trips won't be successful.

On my future trips, I hope you guys will stay with me. Whenever I see someone opening my posts or leaving comments I feel I am not alone on my wandering.

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