Friday, January 6, 2012

Thailand - Pratunam Market, Bangkok

UPDATE as of 10 May 2014

Rampant pickpockets and bag slashing incidences in Pratunam. See my post: Beware of pickpockets at Pratunam


Actually, Pratunam market is merely a few hundred meters length road near the corner of Ratchaprarop and Petchaburi roads. If you will traverse this road when all shops are open, it might take you around 30 minutes to reach its end, if you are not going to buy any item. Otherwise, you might end up spending a couple of hours exploring this market because there are several "side-streets" along the main road. Not to mention the huge crowd of shoppers, passer-by, food vendors and delivery motorcyles.

I would simply post some pics so you'd have some ideas on how Pratunam Market looks like and believe me, if you are the "social" type shopper, shopping at Pratunam Market won't be a pleasant experience. You can avoid this place when going to Platinum or other malls by using the main road or pass on this road before 10 AM.

Motorcycle and vendors contribute to traffic along Pratunam market

food vendors contribute to human traffic
delivery of merchandise

Side Streets

that Bangkok stall sells cheap bags

hats, hats and hats

belts, belts and belts

I am glad to emerge from this market or road unscathed.

There's a lot of whole sale shoppers also.


Again, fitting is not allowed here and they don't accept return merchandise thus it is advisable to take your time in selecting your goods. This market is crowded during mid-morning until afternoon.

When Pratunam Market starts to close at sunset, a night market will sprout connected to the main road. However, the night market is small and there is less variety of merchandises. I found nothing special at the night market except the souvenir items.

Shopping at the main road is a bit tedious due to crowd and humidity. Nevertheless, you can shop comfortably at some side-street shops due to air conditioning though elbow room is limited.

Coming here from other parts of Bangkok is easier and cheaper by taxi. Tuktuk can be very expensive if you don't know how to haggle. The nearest train station is Ratchaprarop airport rail link station.

Finally, don't forget the golden rule. Haggle hard with a smile.


Few days back, I brought my wife and two kids to Pratunam market for shopping. My 2nd year college daughter taking up Business Administration has decided to put up an online shop in Philippines. After several hours of shopping at Platinum Mall I've decided to bring them to Pratunam Market. We simply crossed the road to reach Pratunam market. The difference in prices were not that much and due to crowd and humidity, we stayed at Pratunam for less than an hour.

Revised on 13 May 2012


Two weeks back, my wife and I were in Pratunam to buy ladies apparel for our daughter's online shop. We were surprised that aside from night market, they also have morning market until 9 AM along the road in front of Baiyoke tower. The streets were crowded and the price here is a bit higher compared with Pratunam Market.

In addition, if you plan to change your USD to THB, the Poota Exchange at the back of Indra Square, near Baiyoke Tower, offers the best rate in the area. In Platinum, I am getting 31.49 Baht for my USD. In other exchange counters, I was getting 31.50 Baht. In Poota, I used to receive 31.60 Baht for my USD.

There is one place in Pratunam area that my wife and I love to dine. It is called Sidewalk eatery. It is located along the street at backside of Indra Square. We tried their Pad Thai, Chicken with cashew nuts and big noodles with seafood, to name a few. Authentic Thai food at reasonable price.


I tried to calm my wife's raging adrenaline whenever she is in Pratunam. There were times we got separated and consumed time in searching for each other. She would even enter the smallest shop in search of cheap merchandise whereas I preferred to loiter outside and enjoy the view.

2nd revision on 03 July 2012


  1. Hi,thank you for blogging your travel experiences as it comes super handy especially to those who were planning to go on a trip in bkk.. thanks

  2. Hi do you know anyone who sells jeans (punny jeans, like august jeans, etc) in pratunam that we can reach? I recently opened an online shop and I see those kind of heans, but my supplier doesn't always respond. I hope you could help me. Thanks!

    1. There are plenty of stores or shops selling jeans. You need to go there and place your order like what other wholesalers are doing.

  3. Hi.. I had been to pratnum market today see 23rd 2017 .. I was in the front road shops having cocont water;few shops away I visited looking for some clothes;suddenly a crowd gathered from no where and I was requesting them to move but I had to push through and come out of the shop. I did not realise that some body has cut my handbag and has taken my wallet .My id's:mising and I'm very sad about all this ..I humbly request you ..please don't carry any shoulder bags ladies and make sure you accompany someone.Be watchful. and can anyone suggest me if somehow I can get my id's back ?

    1. I am sorry about your experience. Try to lodge a complaint at nearest police station but don't expect anything.