Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nando's Peri-Peri Chicken

Nando's Dubai Mall

I have seen this name in Malaysia few months back but never tried it. However, when I went to Dubai for my training, I met this name again at Dubai Mall.

Out of curiosity, I tried their half-chicken meal and mild spicy flavor.

It's spiciness was beyond my threshold. My nostrils can feel its chilly flavor. I didn't enjoy my half-chicken meal but I must confess that the chicken tasted differently. I need to come back and try another flavor for me to appreciate its peri-peri chicken.

On my return, I ordered chicken steak. I chose lemon and herb flavor.

This time, the meal was blissful. The chicken was tender, tasty and flavorful. It costs me 50 Dhs or almost 13 USD. Quite expensive but worth it.

this thing vibrates and lights when your order is ready

I brought my sister here and ordered 2 half chicken meals. She was also delighted with Nando's.

Nando's Kuala Lumpur

Few weeks back, on my way to Bangkok, Thailand,  from Singapore, I stopped for few days at Petaling Street or Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur. While exploring the area, I met Nando's again. I said to myself, this time I won't leave Malaysia without dining at Nando's (Petaling Street).

I ordered my favorite flavor, lemon and herb half-chicken meal with 2 side dishes. Inclusive of taxes and service charge, I paid 35 RM or almost 11 USD. It was cheaper to eat at Nando's Malaysia than in Dubai. The serving was also bigger and the sauce was generously spread on the chicken.

Nando's will now be a part of my casual dining experience whenever I travel since it has been operating at thirty countries in five continents.

05 January (Singapore)

I stayed at Tree in Lodge hostel at Bugis for 6 nights. On my last day, I learned that there was Nando's inside Bugis Junction mall, near Intercontinental Hotel. So, I took my lunch at Nando's and ordered my favorite, half-chicken meal with two side dishes and of course, lemon and herb flavor.

Their Filipina staff welcomed me and I noticed that whenever a customer comes in, she would greet them "Welcome to Nando's" in a raised voice.

Inside shot

My order costs 22.90 S$. Including bottled water, tax and service charge, I paid 29 S$ or around 24 USD. It was too expensive. For the same menu, the price was more than double the price of Nando's Malaysia. Even Nando's Dubai was a lot cheaper compared to my order.

My order

I was disappointed at Nando's Bugis. Once I saw my order, I knew it wasn't done or grilled properly. Basing on the pictures of my order from Nando's Dubai and Petaling, my order at Nando's Bugis was a bit charred thus I can't eat the skin for it was bitter.

In addition, the chicken breast was dry and firm, however the chicken leg was OK. I believe, the breast was not thawed completely hence it was cooked or grilled longer resulting to dry and firm meat. I used their garlic and tomato sauces to garnish the chicken breast it would have some taste.

Both Mediterranean rice and the sweet corn side dishes were superb. Considering the price and my charred order, that will be the last time I'll dine at any Nando's in Singapore. 

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