Monday, January 2, 2012

Wandering guy meets Pinoy Explorer

While enjoying Dubai Desert Safari (see related post: Dubai Desert Safari) , I met Pinoy Explorer. Yes, Aga Muhlach.

I was initially annoyed at their group. We were in queue for complimentary shawarma sandwich while the staff were busy preparing the center stage for the belly dancer.

Annoyed? Yes, because he was ahead of me and kept on posing and waving his hand towards another guy holding a small and portable videocam. I thought this tourist was overdoing his antics. He was wearing an arabic turban at that time so it was not easy to notice him immediately.

I am the one wearing eyeglasses, LOL
Once he got his shawarma and started walking towards me, he looked familiar so I asked him if he was Aga Muhlach. He was a bit surprised and taken aback but replied in affirmative. When I told him "kabayan", he smiled and we shook hands. He thought I was a foreigner and told his group that I was a "kabayan" and everything was OK. I asked him why he was there. They were having some taping for Pinoy Explorer episode according to him. Being star strucked, I asked a shot with him which he gladly complied. During these exchanges, my Arab colleague was a bit loss on the identity of this guy and why there were several persons assisting us.

Pinoy Explorer was accompanied by no less than Rowell Santiago, the brother of my favorite TV host, Randy Santiago. He was directing that episode. The picture was taken while we were in queue for dinner.

Pinoy Explorer's group sat near to the stage. They have the best view in the house.

I don't know if the Belly dancer was informed about him because she danced on top of their table for a couple of minutes.

Like a typical Filipino gentleman, Pinoy Explorer joined the fun by dancing below the belly dancer. Never he had shown any malice nor touched the dancer while dancing.

Pinoy Explorer group was definitely in good mood after the dance.
Dinner time. He ate his dinner like any common guy.

Some narrations by Pinoy Explorer

Before Desert Safari has ended, I approached both Pinoy Explorer and Rowell and asked them when can I post their pictures on my travel blog. Rowell replied that I can post on January so as not to preempt their Dubai episode. Pinoy Explorer thanked me for asking their permission regarding this matter.

Since this is my blog, sorry Pinoy Explorer, you may stay at my back.

So, here it is. These are the only pictures in my possession and I have posted them only on my FB and travel blog.

I have met my "Bagets" idol and I hope our paths will cross again on my future travel.


For my non-Filipino readers, Aga Muhlach is a famous actor and good dancer as well in Philippine entertainment industry. "Bagets" pertains to a movie in the Philippines during the 80's which was similar to "American Pie" in concept.


  1. Cool! I'm sure you'll meet other interesting people. ;p

  2. Yes, actually, I have met some great guys and learned a thing or two from them...