Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thailand - my hotel (Pratunam)

I stayed for 6 nights in this hotel last December. I availed their "Book with us.." promo for 999 THB per night.

There is a catch for this promo and I will explain later.

I have chosen this hotel due to its good review and being a part of "my Hotel" chain of budget hotels. I could say that my Hotel is one of those generics budget hotel. Nothing special but bang for the bucks. You can have a comfy bed and warm shower in a safe and secured place. Don't expect any fancy complimentary items or tub though.

As you will notice above, my hotel is located at one of the side streets in Pratunam area. You have to travel or walk for around 500 meters before you reach the main road. Not a big deal since you can always avail of their free tuk tuk ride during morning; simply coordinate with the reception staff. No worry at all for all of them are friendly and approachable. They have good command of English, as well. You need to leave your room key to the reception every time you go out; you can have it back upon returning.

Moreover, the road is safe even during night time. My wife was initially afraid. I have seen far worse places thus I assured her that there was nothing to be afraid of. To add, I haven't notice anything peculiar or unsafe event or situation during my 6 nights stay in that place.

hotel's free tuk tuk ride

Coming here, I arrived at Bangkok from Kuala Lumpur through Hualampong railways station, I took a metered taxi and asked the driver to drop me at my Hotel, Pratunam. He didn't know the hotel but eventually, after asking several tuk tuk drivers, we were able to arrive safely. I paid 60 THB.

The available room at that time was twin beds. For the first couple of nights it was not a big deal but when my wife arrived I need to remove the middle table together with the phone so I can push the other bed and make them double bed. I had a split type a/c in my room which was far better than the noisy window type a/c. Bedding and towels were clean and spotless. Used towels are being replaced daily.

Toilet is spacious and clean but the wash basin is located outside. There is hot shower and a small bar of soap. You can't expect more for what you've paid for.

Surprisingly, an electronic safe is provided inside the closet. Initially, I found it close thus I asked the reception staff to open it which he complied without any ado. Likewise there is 32 inch flatscreen TV, mini-ref and daily supply of bottled water. For 999 THB, you can't ask for more except hair dryer. My wife used to borrow hair dryer every morning from the reception and brought it back after using it.

At ground floor, there is my Cafe where you can have your complimentary buffet breakfast and order lunch and dinner. Buffet breakfast is decent though it is mainly plain eggs, sausages, rice, noodles, breads, jams, coffee and tea. Wifi card can be bought here too. Picture taking inside my Cafe is strictly prohibited. I don't know the reason why but I have noticed those no picture taking sign in many restaurants and food shops in Bangkok.

Anyway, I love my Cafe's 120 THB combo-meal promo. I tried their chicken fried rice, pad thai and vegetable meal. My wife loved the chicken fried rice. The promo includes a small bottle of Chang beer or soda plus dessert. The combo-meal was even cheaper compared to a decent meal outside.

Beside the small reception area is a massage shop with tour desk. After shopping for the whole day my wife and I have decided to have 1 hour foot massage for 200 THB each. I love to be massaged even in Manila. I even paid 40 S$ at Lucky Plaza in Singapore for a 45 minutes foot massage. Though expensive I was extremely satisfied with Singaporean reflexology style foot massage. However, for my Hotel's Thai foot massage, I won't dare do it again. The lady was very forceful on my leg muscles that instead of getting relax my leg muscles were sore after the massage. Wifey complained the same thing.

Going to airport was simpler. You can book a taxi at the reception area for around 400 THB. My wife and I preferred to ride a tuk tuk at the corner of the my Hotel street and asked the driver to drop us at Ratchprarop airport link which was around 1 km away from my hotel. I negotiated first for 50 THB for the tuk tuk and paid 40 THB each for the airport link. Faster, cheaper and safer.

Here is the catch when you avail their "Book with us.." promo. 

As advertised, I paid 999 THB. So for 6 nights I paid almost 6000 THB and I have received the following freebies aside from daily breakfast.
      * 24 hours free Wifi
      * 1 free meal
      * 30 minutes free foot massage
      * 10 % discount

I have consumed my entire 24 hours free wifi the day before I check-out. I bought from my Cafe, if I remember it correctly, 50 THB Wifi card for a couple of hours of connection.

Upon arrival, I ordered my 1 free meal. No free meal followed for the rest of my 6 nights stay. The same with the foot massage, I was entitled for a single free 30 minutes foot massage during my 6 nights stay which I didn't avail.

I was wondering if instead of 6 nights I booked 3 nights twice. Maybe I would get all those freebies twice also. Or better, book 2 nights thrice and avail of those freebies three times. Well, that's life.


There was this guy at my Hotel. I believe he was a bell-boy for he accompanied me to my room with my bags when I checked in. He was offering tour packages and when he learned that my wife would arrive in few days he asked me to bring her to his friend's jewellery or gem shop. His friend will come to the hotel to fetch us. I refused politely. This guy had some similarities with our own Jason Gainza. You can always say no to him but beware for he was very friendly and nice. He might be able to convince you. But in case you want to entertain his offer at least it is safer than do business with a total stranger in Bangkok,  

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