Saturday, January 28, 2012

Street Photography 1 - Bangkok

I have been longing to try street photography ever since I got hold of my DSLR. Unlike an ordinary landscape shot, street photography requires mainly courage and perfect timing to trap your moving subject with unique personality. 

I would like to share some of my favorite shots. I played with their colors for I believe it enhances their meaning. I have added my thoughts for each one of them as well.

WHERE? (Grand Palace)

This is the most common problem a traveler encounters. Where? Where am I? Where would I go? Or worse, where is my money?


These youngsters were so energetic and full of life. I remember my daughter. She loves anime and sometimes cosplayer too.


These lads were dancing too. They have joined the fun while watching the dancing youngsters above. In fact they have their own spectators also. This is what I call inter-acting.


This friendly lady though simple in life is surrounded by colors. This could be the reason why she wears a big smile whenever somebody buy something from her. She is more than willing to share her colorful world to other.

STOP (SIAM Paragon)

Sometimes we need somebody to tell us that it is time to stop. Doing otherwise could be fatal. The stop could come not only from our family but even from our simple friend. It is only a matter of opening our mind to the advice of our fellow being.

FREEDOM (Pantip Plaza)

I entitled this one as freedom. This picture depicts how freely the two ladies dance while a muslim lady also enjoys her freedom of wearing the veil. As for me, like anybody else, I was free to watch or leave.

PRAYER (Centralworld)

I dedicate this picture to Thai people. I was fascinated on their devotion to their religion. A religious person is better than virtuous person for a religious person doesn't run out of hope.

I would be posting more of my favorite street shots. I know as newbie on street photography, my skills pale in comparison to any seasoned photo enthusiast but what is important is I am happy with my shots. And since I am a religious person I am hoping that with constant practice my skills would develop further.


Street Photography 2 - Bangkok (Khao San road)

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