Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Singapore - Lucky Plaza

I have visited Singapore many times during my previous vacations. I was even asked by Singapore immigration once due to my multiple entries within few months. After relating my story he offered me some candies and bade me to enjoy my stay. I hope our immigration guys in Manila would be.. Anyway, going back to my post. Whenever I am in Singapore I always make it a point to visit Lucky Plaza.

Though Singapore is considered as melting-pot of Asian culture and cuisine, I am still surprised to learn that there is a particular place in Singapore that caters to the specific needs of my fellow Filipinos and it is located along the famous Orchard road.

entrance along Orchard road

Working Filipinos in Singapore normally visit LP from time to time. I have met several of them and I was told that they have enjoyed strolling around Merlion park or explored Sentosa Island when they were new in Singapore but they didn't find it economical to visit these places every week or even every month. However, whenever they want to send money or cargo to Philippines, have haircut, eat Filipino foods and even buy SIM card they come to LP.

Lucky Plaza is a 6 storey mall with basement and residential tower. It is one of the old shopping malls along Orchard road where most upscale shopping centers in Singapore are located.

from Tangs Plaza to LP sidewalk

Visiting LP is easier by MTR. Alight at Orchard station then proceed to Orchard road exit in-front of Tangs Plaza. You'd find LP at the left side of Tangs Plaza.



There are many shops that sell food and beauty products from Philippines. Likewise, Filipino salons and barber shops are plentiful inside LP. 


There are several Filipino restaurants and food shops inside LP. My favorite among them is Lutong Bahay located inside Asian Food Mall (food court) area at the basement. I have eaten here several times. It is owned and managed by a fellow Bosconian. For fast-food joints lover, you will find a McDonald's outlet beside the food court.

My favorite order is "Bulalo" (beef shank) soup. It costs 10 S$ plus 2 cup of rice at 1 S$ per cup. Being away from home for many months, I would indulge on this cholesterol laden soup from time to time. To watch my diet I don't order soda drinks just plain water, LOL.


At the front facade of LP are two specialty shops. They are adult shops, actually. One "kabayan" was manning the counter at Naughty shop. I didn't explore the other one. These shops remind me of Grenoble city in Southern France where adult shops were as common as music stores. 


Whenever I am in Singapore, I love to walk until my feet are sore. It is a pleasant experience to see how clean and safe Singapore is. Not to mention the clean city air; you won't get suffocated even if the bus rev its engine in front of you.

While exploring LP, I saw this massage shop at the basement of LP. To soothe my tired feet, I tried their acupressure/reflexology type foot massage. I paid 40 S$ for 45 minutes with complimentary tea. Quite expensive but fortunately the lady knows her trade. Due to comfy and reclining couch, I almost fell asleep while she was massaging and pressing my feet and legs. It was great unlike the very forceful Thai massage.

Lucky Plaza also boasts several cheap electronic and camera shops. You just need to haggle hard, otherwise you'd be definitely ripped off. Beware of buying any camera from here since I noticed that most of them were not sealed. You have been forewarned. Nevertheless, I bought a 70 - 300 mm Tamron lens with macro function for my Nikon. It costs me around 300 USD. The guy simply took one of the "new" camera from their display to test my new zoom lens.

There are also several bargain shops for clothing and accessories. Money changers having competitive rates can be found at the basement area. 

Lastly, I saw some jewelry shops selling their wares in installment. Yes, that's pinoy style marketing strategy.


  1. Love your SG blog posts! was there 2 weeks ago and Im planning to go back again this Feb. I always go to Lucky Plaza too for foreign exchange. They have good rates there

  2. Sad to say, I won't be seeing SG anymore, at least in the near future. Thailand would be my point of entry/exit during my next vacation. I will surely miss Lutong pinoy's bulalo.