Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thailand - CentralWorld Mall

I thought we have some of the biggest malls in the world in Manila but upon seeing CentralWorld, previously called World Trade Center, I was aghast at its size. Definitely, it can rival our biggest mall in Philippines, SM North. With the help of our friendly Wiki, I have learned that it was the third largest shopping complex in the world. See: wiki: CentralWorld

It won't even fit on my cam.

Another Isetan branch. I am getting used to this name, even at KLCC mall at Kuala Lumpur, you will find this Jap store chain.

For new comers in Thailand, do not be surprised to see altars outside some commercial establishments. Give due respect to devotees while taking some shots. However, be aware that some touts might be lurking within the vicinity offering some temple trips after befriending you.


I was approached when I was taking some shots of these two altars. The guy even lectured me that for personal matters such as health and family I should pray at the four-faced statue at the left while for money matters then better pray at the Buddha statue on top. At the end of his lecture he offered me a free trip to a temple which was open for 24 hours and so on. I can even have some pictures taken inside the temple. I quickly and politely refused for I have seen already the emerald Buddha at The Grand Palace and I am happy with that, I told him. In addition, a well  informed tourist was the last thing that any tout would prefer to meet. That ended our conversation.

There would be a new year celebration in front of this huge structure thus when I was loitering within this area before Christmas I have noticed some preparations were being done and an interview was even being conducted.



Due to its spacious ground floor area, you can even put an entire fleet of BMW inside. I believe a promo blitz was on-going. Nevertheless, that was the first time I have seen such extensive line-up of BMW. It was simply fascinating seeing those magnificent and luxurious cars. The BMW showroom in Manila will pale in comparison to this exhibit.



Due to its wide floor area. There was even some space for "toy cars", LOL. Well, they look like toys to me. 


Because of its size, it became obvious that it lacks the crowd that we have in our SM North in Manila. One can easily notice that this mall needs shoppers to become alive considering that it's market are middle-class. See my shots, almost empty hallways and shops. I remember Berjaya Times Square mall at Kuala Lumpur. Huge but almost empty. Now, I believe that retail markets in Manila can easily outsell our neighbors due to our huge population.



If you plan to stay at Bangkok for limited time, you can skip visiting this mall. Anyway, I didn't find anything special inside except the BMW. In my opinion, better spend your time at Platinum, Pratunam, MBK and Siams. Believe me, it will consume several hours of your time just to explore this mall which actually look like our malls minus the crowds. 


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