Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cambodia - The Best Iced Coffee in Phnom Penh

While exploring the Russian market at Phnom Penh, I came across a drink stall near the wet goods area having a sign "The Best Iced Coffee in Phnom Penh". I thought it was a simple marketing strategy to attract tourists. Anyway, I ordered a glass of Iced Coffee to refresh myself after an hour of walking and to satisfy my curiosity regarding the best iced coffee in Phnom Penh.

While waiting for my iced coffee, I took some shots around the stall. While doing this, I noticed that there was something peculiar about this drink stall. I have realized that the best iced coffee sign was not a marketing ploy but rather a statement supported by pictures and some write-ups. In addition, this stall has been producing iced coffee since 1980 according to this picture.

Some flags were displayed at the back. I was a bit elated upon seeing the Philippine flag.

After few minutes my iced coffee was served by a young lady.

The 1 USD iced coffee came with condensed milk. In case your sweet tooth needs more sugar power then you can add condensed milk until you are satisfied to its sweetness.

Upon seeing that I was taking some shots of my iced coffee, the owner added some extra ice and a small glass of coffee (espresso?) for free. Now, I can mix my own iced coffee depending on my taste. This is the first time that I would mix my own iced coffee unlike the commercial Starbucks Frappe.

It was quite an experience to prepare an iced coffee. To be honest, I am a hot coffee fanboy. I normally wanted my coffee to be steaming hot. However, due to warm and humid atmosphere inside the Russian market, I need a refreshing drink that will provide some "kick" at the same time. Soda drink was last on my list.

Initially, the iced coffee was superb. None with sugary taste. I loved the contrast between being bitter and sweet milky taste. Not to mention the chilly and refreshing effect on my mouth. Astonishingly, when I started mixing my own iced coffee, the taste went hay-wire, LOL.

At any rate, I was happy to meet the owner. He kept on smiling and even agreed to take my picture. Very nice guy.

Upon arriving at my hotel, I searched the net and surprisingly I found a FB account of the best iced coffee in Phnom Penh: BestIcedCoffeePhnomPenh 

From its FB account, I have learned that the young lady that served my iced coffee was her grand daughter and the owner was fondly called Mr. B. I have noticed also some positive comments posted by its clients coming from different parts of the world. I am sure that I am not the only Filipino who have discovered and learned to appreciate and love the iced coffee from this stall.

More power to you and your Best Iced Coffee in Phnom Penh Mr. B.

an article about Mr. B.

By the way, other drink stalls nearby have posted "The Best Iced Coffee" sign also. Just search for Mr B's stall near the corner.

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  1. Is any one know the different recipe of iced coffee if yes then please post it here.