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Thailand - Chatuchak Weekend Market (Bangkok)

This is a weekend market thus it is open during Saturday and Sunday only, of course, lol. This market is quite huge and has been considered as one of the world's largest weekend markets. You'll find here countless varieties of merchandises such as: local souvenir items, housewares, antiques, clothing apparels, toys, wooden furniture, fruits and so on and so forth. Likewise, there are also several dining places but no fast-food joints. I noticed that some of the stalls have been vacated out of more than 8,000. When coming here, wear comfy dress and shoes. Trust me, this place is not for sosi or picky shoppers.

I came here by metered taxi from Khao san road. I paid 100 THB; the taxi driver passed through several side streets to avoid the traffic.

As you can see on the map, there is a clock tower in the middle of Chatuchak. You will find this map at the main entrance. However, there are several unmarked side entrances, as well. There is one ring or outer road surrounding the main market aside from the center road where the clock tower is located.

Chatuchak weekend market map

The following pictures will show how the ring or outer road looks like:

And for the center road where the clock tower is located:

Though there are already several thousands of stalls, you will still find vendors selling their wares along the road.

fake crocs sell like hotcakes

If you are not familiar on shops location, it will take longer time for you to search your desired merchandise due to its sheer size. Moreover, the stalls or shops are not segregated according to their wares. Thus, for first time visitor, it is indeed very confusing. As for me, I simply strolled around and bought some souvenir items such as fridge magnets and key chains. In addition, my wife requested for a dragon statue or souvenir. I bought 3 wooden water dragons for around 500 THB.

For clothing apparels, it is in my opinion that it is not ideal to purchase from here due to limited variety and quality compared to Platinum mall. You may check my post about Platinum mall.

Levis? GAP? you'll find them here, you know what I mean

It is now time for lunch. This restaurant seems a hit for tourists.

Don't forget the golden rule, haggle hard with a smile. Normally, you can deduct a minimum of 20% from the price in case you will buy more than one piece while some shops have fixed price. Don't forget that you are a tourist hence you are expected to pay higher than the local so it would be very difficult to haggle while holding a DSLR, lol.


pet shop and grooming

It was quite an experience to visit Chatuchak due to its sheer size and almost endless varieties of merchandises being sold. To give an idea about this famous weekend market of Bangkok, for my fellow Filipinos, imagine putting Dapitan market, Tiendesitas (minus the food court), Baclaran and Marikina market into one place.

If you have free time while spending your weekend in Bangkok, I would recommend to squeeze Chatuchak weekend market to your itinerary. A couple of hours would be enough for sight-seeing and souvenir items shopping.

I took a metered taxi on my way back to Khao San road. More so, due to traffic, the taxi driver decided to pass through elevated highway/tollway thus adding 40 THB toll to my 110 THB fare. Well, that's life.


Few days back, I brought my wife and two kids at Chatuchak. My college daughter who is presently taking up Business Administration has decided to put up an online shop. I believed it was a good hands-on for her. I let her and my wife do the shopping while I prayed hard that they would leave some money for my expenses while I consume my remaining week in Bangkok before I go back to my work.

it seems that wife and daughter were fighting for their lives inside this bargain stall

Brought them to my favorite restaurant for lunch.


To my surprise, these items are a hit to their friends. To add, I saw these key chains at Khao San road yesterday having twice the price.

the "Boss"
We came here by free shuttle provided by our hotel, Bangkok City Suite and took a taxi back to our hotel. However, you can easily visit Chatuchak by skytrain (BTS) and get off at Mo Chit station or by subway and alight at Chatuchak park. To reach Chatuchak market, simply follow the throngs of people. This place is ideal for wholesaler since you can haggle with the price and some manufacturer have their outlets here, be alert about pickpockets though.

Revised on 08 May 2012


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