Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cambodia - Photoshoot with Apsara dancers at the temples

While exploring Angkor Wat temple I saw one group of youngsters dressed colorfully. I've seen some advertisements at Ta Som Guesthouse about the Apsara dance and it seems these youngsters wore the Apsara costume for photoshoot with tourists.

I didn't bother to have a shot with them but some were happy to pay. I had no idea how much you need to pay to have your picture taken with them. Anyhow, I took this shot for their colorful attire was simply eye-catching, not to mention their ballet like posture.

lady with apsara dancers

I continued my temple hopping and on my last temple for the day, Bayon temple, I saw another group of youngsters dressed as Apsara dancers.

Upon learning that this group was not asking for any payment but rather 'donation," I told myself maybe I could have a souvenir shot with them. However, there was a large group of western tourists having the same intention. I let them finish. Having done this, I noticed that this group would coerce you to make an Apsara posture. Thus, if you don't know the proper posture, you might look awkward on your shot. These tourists played by the rule. Pardon me but that was my observation only. Anyway, the whole group was in good mood and everybody was joking with each other regarding their posture.

hi Joe!

hey, grandpa!

give me 5, man!


Here are the best shots. These shots are cool! LOL. That's me!

Though I got the best and coolest shots, I love the following shot. It made me long for my better-half. I missed her. I hope we could have a chance to have this kind of shot in the future.

If time and money permits, I love to watch an actual Apsara dance in one of the hotels/restaurant at Pub Street.

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