Sunday, March 18, 2012

Street Photography 2 - Bangkok (Khao San Road)

Bangkok is truly a photo enthusiast paradise. Aside from the countless temples, markets and touristy places, it boasts of colorful normal daily lives especially in Khao San road.

I have visited Khao San road twice and stayed there for quite some time. Khao San road is definitely a tourists Mecca in Bangkok. Below are some of its attractions.

These vendors are selling locally designed wrist band

While taking dinner at Lucky Beer bar and restaurant, I usually see many vendors showing their wares to the diners. You can easily say no to them. However, I bought one leather wrist band to the smaller lady. We haggled from 150 to 50 THB.

make mine, rare

This exotic or fried insects vendor earns more money by photo shoot. She charges 10 THB in case you want to take picture. Actually, there was a sign posted on the front of her cart. I believe she was the only person frying and selling exotic foods such as grasshoppers, caterpillars and so on along Khao San road.

don't forget to add ground peanuts

There are plenty of pad thai vendors along Khao San road. I love pad thai with egg and chicken. Sometimes my pad thai comes with spring rolls. The price is dirt cheap compared with fast-food joints oily foods. I advise you to buy drinks first from nearby 7-eleven before you order and prepare to eat along the road.

did you notice anything peculiar on the photo?
One time I came across this bunch of hip-hop dancers along Khao San. They are definitely good dancers. Notice the upturned blue cap, you can put some "donations" in that cap.

I have seen this football exhibition twice. It was in front of Lucky Beer bar and restaurant. This guy was good. He can lie down, sit, jump, walk, put shirt and so on without the football falling to ground. One guy gave him a free big bottle of beer whereas I hand him 100 THB. I used to play football during my high school days.

I have seen this puppeteer at the end of Khao San road. Nothing special actually but I like the concept of using skeleton as puppet.

This is my favorite. A human mannequin playing rock on his tiny electric guitar connected to a small portable amplifier. Again, donations are accepted. Just put them inside that circular bag in front of him. He reminds me of musicians in France making their living playing along the streets. The Asians have catch up with their European brothers.

In addition, note the rock and roll posters being sold nearby.

Khao San road, you have your own magic. I would never tire visiting you every night.


Street Photography 1 - Bangkok

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